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  Age: 33   Gender: Female   Race: Asian   Location: Zhu Hai Guangdong China
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Describing myself with Key words below .

Buddhist , Good Heart , Love Mom , Homebody , Love Animals , Way too Honest , Help People , Scared , None-adventure , NEVER passed Maths , Straight Forward , -100 sense of Directions , Go to bangkok often , You treat me good , I return the same with 10 times more , Workaholic ,Love China , Not willing to Relocate , Music Fan , Sweet Voice , Love Singing , Exercise , Extremely Emotional , Perceptual Bigger than Rational , Impatient but trying to Improve , Believe in Karma , Love Learning Language , Divorced 5.5 years ago , 2.5 times of Relationship Experience , Been Single since Jul-2011 , Can start a relationship if both *feel* it's "good" to try 。

WATCH THIS ONE ____ Will NOT decide to get married anytime soon , to last a minimum 2 years of PHISICAL relationship is MUST required , Live together is also needed , this doesn't mean we have to be hoverd together everyday , by living together we can *discover* what we will argue about and how to solve it , this will help for a more successfull marriage .

Will NOT consider to have kids within the next 5 years ,

Sex is also a factor to be concerned of (this is actually a more responsible attitude for a better future's point of view) .

Sometimes I 'm not very confident about myself but I can face it correctly as of that means there's space that I'm aware of to improve to be a better of myself.

IMPORTANT NOTICE HERE ____ same as some women, sometimes maybe I get jealous for certain things but I 'm trying to have a big heart to focus on better part of everything . To truly *Try* to experience "life is live and learn" , always try to improve with different good tryings .

HERE 'S something FUNNY to share with : Doesn't matter about the nationality , there are TOTAL 2 types of men on this earth , 1 type is : " Italian man " (ya know what I meant?) The Rest are "the man who wants To become "Italian" man . "got it ? Hahahahahaha . True or not , you tell me if you are different (probably you are from other "balls" outside of earth if your different than above. lol) So I would rather make efforts to improve self internal power . Hahahahaha .

And Any Italian men who saw above , please don't throw tomatos for my innocent

Currently at bangkok till Feb 18 2012~

Please don't mind if I list up things too specified , just like the Chinese saying "知己知彼,百战不殆" haha. I have described the "relationship" as a "fight", if you "study" your "enemy"(lover)well, then can make a good "fight"(marriage). Hahaha. please don't come after me if I translated the meaning way too off the track ancestors .

Ahhhhhhhhhhh , I just "dissected" myself *completely" good and bad in front of all of you . hehehe ... sabay sabay na ~~

What I'm Looking For

I want to meet a Male
with age from 32 to 45
and I want to meet for Friendship, Romance, Marriage or Other.

I mostly stay in Guang Dong China , go work trip to bangkok often . not plan to move to foreign country. Maybe don't want to challenge A Long distance relationship . If you are a foreignor , it would be prefered if you like Chinese culture and speak the Language for future concern ;

Doesn't matter how rich / sexy you are , without a Kind heart for everything (to human,animal, plants , eviroment everything) , I'm not interested . Thank you and Good luck la ~~

NEW UPDATES / DIARY OF Feb 12 2012 :

Really had a great day today ,walked to BTS station in the morning , saw a kitty in front of store getting sunshine, played with her a bit . she's really really cute, just different than other cats made me wanna go back to her again . After finished work, bought padthai from a street vendor near Asoke , she's got AMAZING Padthai. dropped off computer at hotel , heading to the kitty with some leftover seafood and cake with me. oh yes , she's there. "mao mao ~~" she jumped down to me right away, happy girl. by the way her name is Naanaa. feeding playing with her. later another 2 dogs came, asked for food too. haha . then another yellow big one came, I was a bit scared that they might fight for food but it went out fine. I guess maybe they got influnced by thai people. not as competitive as ..... hehe. the 3rd dog tried to tease naanaa. na got annoyed and tried to scrach his face. I was worried what if the yellow guy attack her, again , it went out fine they just sabaay sabaay. hahaha. so I sat down on the street, took some video shots with them but naa never looked at the cam. some people walked by, maybe they'll think I'm a street animal begger ha ... 1 hour past, sis gotta go, naa saw me walked away, she sat up right away and LITERLLY RAN to me , Grabed my calf and slightly bite me a bit. she doesn't want me to leave. kept following me. I looked back at the owner guy, I could feel he's got kinda mad. I walked back to the store direction so naa can follow me back to her home, The guy grabed her up put on the top. so I walked away , looked back a few times, worried if she'll get punished. prayed to buddha please don't let that happen. I 'll probably back to her again today or tmr. later walked to BigC brougt some laundry stuff, I don't like my clothes get washed at laundry store. it's really a fun day. so this will be what I'm going to do afterwork when don't have friends to hang out at bkk . hehe . the street animals in China are so different . they scared of people that you had little chance to be near them like this. I really really had fun . appericated .... naanaa~ kiss kiss~~


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