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Lets hope i find someone!
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The Basics
  Age: 27   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Lakesideee California United States
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  Green, Blue
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About Me

I wonder where to start.

I am almost 21, and just ready to explore new, exciting things. I am quiet at first, and it can be hard to get me to open up, but once i do, im a really cool person, i swear.

im really into rock music. i couldnt live without my Beatles, or Zeppelin. i live for concerts and music.

i also love art. i could spend years in an art gallery staring at one piece. haha. i do some artwork myself, nothing amazing, but i like it. i am really into photography, and abstract art. i try to take pictures everywhere i go.. capturing my favorite moments forever. =]

Ok, so i will admit, i am a nerd. i read a lot of the time. My favorite book is The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland. i've read it so many times in my life, i can recite it to you. ;] i like to learn about history, but i am bad at remembering dates and places. haha.

i try to keep an open mind in life, and i get along with everyone. i smoke cigg's and i am definitely 420 friendly! i am Bisexual, and very proud of who i am. i think both genders are gorgeous and sexy in different ways. i dont get along with closed minded people, so if you aren't ok with gay's, then stay away please.

i love piercings, i have a few, and i love tattoos. i will have one very soon (its in the works!) tattoo's are a huge turn on for me, but only if they are actual works of art, or meaningful.

i do have my girly side, but im not a priss. i like getting my hands dirty, and i dont mind spiders. i like learning about cars, and how to fix them, which is great considering i work at an auto company.

i have a huge fascination with sex. i enjoy it a lot. i think it is one of the most natural and amazing ways to make yourself happy. =] This, in no way, means that i am easy..i just really enjoy it.

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What I'm Looking For

Im looking for fun. excitement. something new. i dont need anything serious right now... i really just want a good time, with a beautiful perosn.

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