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Hey Hey Hey, What it do?
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The Basics
  Age: 38   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Texas United States
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  Casual, Clean Cut
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About Me

Okay, here goes....I am a laid back, spontaneous, and "stupid" competitive...in a fun way!! I am positive, and look for the good in people and am very open minded. I love to laugh and make people laugh, even if it is at my own expense... :-)

I think that communication is the key to any relationship. I am not a perfect communicator, yet I am always willing to see the other point of view, even if I disagree. I don't like drama and try to stay away from it. I love to have conversations. Some say I have a tendency to be quite sarcastic, but by no means, am I trying to be mean.

Also, I truly take pride in the values that my parents have instilled in me... I am always in search of ways to expand "my horizons". I am a hard worker in anything and everything that I do or attempt to do.

I am originally from Houston, TX. I have the best friends(even though, they are all married now and hard to do things with) and family that anyone could ask for. Well, I guess you could say that I am an open-book...wanna know something, then ask. I am the type of person to "say what you mean and mean what you say". I have nothing to hide, so I try to lay it all out there. I can be put in almost any situation and make it entertaining. The possibilities of new experiences and what we choose to do with them, gives me a reason to get up every morning!! I "fly by the seat of my pants", "go with the flow" or just "wing it" in most situations...happens to make things fun sometimes. I have faith. I am honest and sincere, and look for the same in return. I love the water, sun and the outdoors in general. I like to fish, when or if I ever get a chance. I am quite the handy-man, can fix or build just about anything, I enjoy doing home improvement projects. I love kids and am pretty dang good with them, if I say so myself. I am a great uncle! I am an animal person, I have two dogs(both lab mixes). I like all kinds of music!

What I'm Looking For

Do something / go somewhere, where we can talk.... Some place laid-back, to sit and converse, then take the day/evening from there. Or whatever, I am pretty willing to do just about anything. If it is old fashioned you looking for then I can decide what to do, but honestly would rather make the decision together.... Because truthfully, "together" is what it is all about in the end, right?

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