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Just looking for the right one!
Online: 3172 days ago   Updated: 3172 days ago   Joined: 3184 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 39   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: West Covina California United States
The Details
Sexual Orientation:
  Bi-Curious, Gay, Bisexual
Hair Colour:
Body Type:
Eye Colour:
Hair Length:
  Very Short
About Me

Well, Thomas Consolato, I'm 30 years old, Italian/Caucasian, 6 feet tall, about 225 pounds. I have green eyes, short brown hair, and a goatee or beard usually. I'm pretty laid back, I can get along with most everyone. I feel that is one of the worst way you can hurt someone. On another subject, I dress pretty casually, pretty much always catch me wearing a piece of Rob'n'steel clothing, which is a clothing company my brother owns. I love all kinds of music, I love movies, I love cooking most of the time, and I cook pretty good. I love cars, love working on them as well. Of course there is more but I also have more to fill out here so if there is anything else you wanna know hit me up. Or look for me on FB.
What I'm Looking For

I'm Just here to see if I can find a nice person, to spend some time with, have some fun, see where life may take us. Who knows what can happen, I would love to find a nice partner for a relationship, but meeting new people and make new friends cool to. I can't stand drama, or people that can't handle there problems like a mature adult. Also people that wig out and cause public spectacles! Really nothing ever gets solved acting like an ass! LOL! .... My bad, just I would never do that to anyone. I love honesty, because I love the truth. Lies warp reality, and cause people to believe something that isn't real. Not cool!! I'm not saying I've never mess up, but we learn from our mistakes! But I can say I have never cheated on someone. I feel that is like the worst way you can hurt someone. You supposedly care for some one, have the respect enough to tell them and leave. I'm not a person to fuck with someones life! Anyway that is it, anything else you wanna know hit me up.

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