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You dream your dream, and I'll dream mine...
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The Basics
  Age: 63   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Los Angeles California United States
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About Me

First off...GOD is the center of my life! I love my life the way it is and the way it ISN'T! I accept what comes my way, no matter what. I'm not actually 'LOOKING' for someone; it has to do with connecting with that one person that will allow me to be me and they to continue to be themselves while involved with a significant person. Many times when people get involved they forget who they are in order to please the other person. Not in this case please. If we connect and it's right, then things will continue to be right. I take NO HOSTAGES! Nor do I want to be taken hostage! Think about it...
Too many people always put "their proverbial BEST FOOT forward" in a new relationship and to me that is not being completely authentic. What happens after a while when they become who they REALLY are? We find out that the person that we thought we liked in the beginning is not really that person after all.
So, if you are intrigued at all, contact me please. An actual email in your own words is a great idea. Maybe that could give me a little or a lot more info about you and cause me to maybe, you know, become interested in you. Isn't that why we're all here? Just sayin'...

I'm petite as far as "body type." Tattooed in good taste and my ink does not define WHO I AM! If you can understand this, we can probably get along. I follow no 'trendy styles' and wear what I like and it usually works for me. I'm more of a leader not a follower.

What I'm Looking For

First things first! Age is only a NUMBER and I’m honest enough to say that I’d prefer someone younger than myself, within reason...I prefer someone who has GOD in their life, with a strong faith and trust in this "HIGHER POWER." Self-confidence and kindness go a very long way with this girl, and if you 'genuinely' have those traits, then this is good. Authenticity and integrity are very important also. If you love to dance, this is good along with shooting a very competitive game of pool also.


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