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how the hell r ya
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The Basics
  Age: 37   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Virginia United States
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  Thin, Slim
  Yes - living with me
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  Very Short
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About Me

ok i am 30 - i have a 5 yr old son who lives w me 1/2 the time - i like fishing, beaching, snowboarding, camping, hard work, beer (happy, functionable, drinker) i also like 4 wheeling, watching movies, amongst other things. I am a brick mason i love my job, i dont like going out all the time but occasional outing is a necessity to keep my sanity. I'm laid back I never do other people wrong unless they are persistent and really ask 4 it or they mess with my family or my belongings. I lived a good young life but screwed alot of things up in my younger years and I know quite a bit about life and how not to live it. I dont play games. Im a pretty simple guy doesnt take much to amuse me. I have a few good friends but not some huge social group, but new people usually like me.
- I have a restricted license but i can get around, i have a small business (needs re-newing but they dont know)so as long as i dont drive after 9 im good but there are exceptions
- I recently (1 year ago) moved in with my grandmother in the house i grew up...hell of a story as to why ask me bout it
- I have a criminal record but am not a career crook or violent in any way, just made mistakes in my past. ask me about it.
THERE IT IS so this is me if u like it hit me up

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What I'm Looking For

women who dont do the following
lie - pop pills - pop pills - pop pills - drink every other day - pop pills - cuss like a sailor - - look at everything negative - arent depressed (and if are take ur meds properly) - no pill poppers - no street drug usere (other than occasional pot) - want to go out 2-7 times a week - expext expensive gifts all the time - Lie - pop pills - .....theres more just ask
I do not sit around and fight with no woman, if it starts we're thru I dont care what u look like. I am not a fighter I am a lover and a friend. I find it unacceptable for a woman in a relationship to constantly be in contact with an ex or an old flame. its disrespectful and i dont do it. i dont like barflies unless im invited. i've been called jealous but its mutual respect, i like a little bit older fashioned women. But i want either an independent woman or at least with goals that are already in progress. no women without thier own ride or lookin for a place to move in...i want a slow friendly start. this aint about sex its about im 30 and soon my baggage will be over and im ready to try to spend my life with someone who loves me for me and is totally honest and open. so i ramble. .. . . . . ask me anything i have no shame


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