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Geek seeking Geek
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  Age: 50   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: McDonough Georgia United States
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About Me

I am a former art teacher who is currently beginning a venture as a vendor at various conventions (sci-fi, fantasy, horror, literary, pop culture, etc.). After years of allowing my dreams to take a backseat due to the wishes, pressures, and whims of others, I am excited to be on a new journey in which I am seeking my bliss.

I enjoy intellect. I'm not interested in 'education'. I'm interested in someone who finds learning enjoyable, who considers museums 'houses of worship', who enjoys debate and has the capacity to change sides in the middle of the 'argument', and one for whom a book is one of life's bare necessities, not just a decoration on a shelf.

I enjoy television, especially History, Discovery, TLC, National Geographic, the Travel Channel, and Food Network. I love every science fiction show on television until they inevitably get cancelled. Currently I catch every episode of "The Big Bang Theory", but everything else is hit and miss.

I'm an art major who was sucked into teaching rather than following his desire to do graphic design or illustration which would have been a better match. Sure, I was a very good teacher, but one shouldn't settle for something they are very good at (and as I've discovered as of late, one shouldn't allow others to dictate his dreams!). One should actually follow their heart. That is my mission now.

I adore music. I have been singing since jr. high, in many various forms (from the local to the state level). I enjoy every kind of music (with the exception of hip hop and rap) and it is impossible for me to pick my favorite (I have 16,000 songs on my iPod). I love broadway musicals. There is just something about people breaking into song that makes my soul shiver with delight.

I am very creative (as are most art majors) and use my creativity in various fashions, from drawing and painting to writing, knitting to city planning (not in real life.... for RPGs), beadwork to game creation. I always have something in the works.

I should warn you: I don't like sports. I can watch them on VERY special occasions (like when I keep my 88-year-old grandmother company while she watches the Braves), but I would prefer to do just about anything else other than watch sports. Unless one counts darts, pool, bowling, and poker as sports. I am not afraid of exercise, although I prefer walking to anything else (I walk 5 miles a day).

I don't mind being outside but I'm not really an outdoorsy type. I prefer being inside where the temperature is controlled and the bugs are at bay.

I love live music,but I prefer small intimate shows to large shows with 10's of thousands of fans. I like seeing performances live, whether it be music or drama or comedy. I acted a little in college and found the experience very enjoyable.

I like trying new foods. I love good beer (not that piss water that flows from Milwaukee). I like wine. I love coffee and tea.

What I'm Looking For

So, what am I am looking for in a woman? I'd really love to meet someone with whom I can talk and share. I'd love to find a friend and see what happens from there. I would love to meet someone who is interested in sharing the quiet, small pleasures of life as well as the adventures that might be waiting in the future. It would certainly be nice to find a woman with whom I can connect on a real emotional level, a woman who has interests in COMMON with me, a woman who is interested in sharing my travels through life, but that has to just happen, you can't make that kind of relationship. Really, finding a friend first and watching to see what happens next is what I'm seeking.

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