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Seeking brilliance of mind and spirit.
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  Age: 29   Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic   Location: New York United States
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About Me

Thanks for stoppin' by~

I'm a third-year college student residing in New York City, currently on brief leave from my studies to pursue other interests. I'm about 5'9, 180 lbs - latino, but don't speak much Spanish (still workin' on it). Agnostic and unwilling to affiliate with any one political party, but I'm open and accepting of others' beliefs. I'm a strict vegan and an introvert, with strong leanings toward social justice - which might land at odds with my anarchist sympathies, but I tend to see duality and paradox as more of an opportunity than an obstacle. I relish quiet over the hustle and bustle, and I prefer to deal with people on a 1-to-1 basis. I do not smoke, nor do I drink, and I avoid clubs/bars like the plague; if you do smoke and/or drink, that's okay with me - but I won't be able to share that aspect of life with you.

I am a proud nerd and geek - and, I readily admit, with a near-obsession to most things Japanese - and I always have my head buried in some book or other, and I love to learn from other people, in most any subject. Though this Information Age is anathema to me, and I've a mild case of misanthropy that I don't care to 'rectify', I still harbor an unyielding belief that there is good to be found in all people - in varying shades, to be certain, but good all the same. I treasure other people's trust, and believe that every person has a story waiting to be told - and that it deserves to be heard. I take life in all seriousness - because I believe life is something that's worth being serious about. I've no desire whatsoever to be forever 21, and I have no partiality towards excessive hedonism or materialism; that doesn't mean I don't keep the kid in me alive; I just refuse to fall for overplayed hype.

I always work to discipline myself (though I've still a long, long way to go), and I hope to live a life increasingly removed from the mainstream, nearer to the fringe - a life to be lived on my own terms. I don't like being sarcastic, catty, anything resembling high-maintenance or drama - there's already too much in life to be preoccupied with; I'd rather not bog myself, or others, down with such trivialities.

What I'm Looking For

I'm here seeking cis- and/or trans-identified women, with a long-term relationship in mind; if that doesn't work out, friendship will do just as well. I'm looking for folks with a good head on their shoulders: be verbose; have a love for the written word; be willing to wax eloquent on near any subject. Keep an open mind. You don't need to have a 4.0 GPA or have graduated from an Ivy-league - hell, I don't care if you haven't attended college at all, just be eager to learn! So long as you have an ardent love for knowledge, as well as a desire to break yourself out of the mold, we probably will get along.

I never leave any serious replies untended to, so don't be shy - I will always respond.

Long nights and pleasant days to ya.



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