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its just me
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The Basics
  Age: 44   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: sierra vista Arizona United States
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  Occaisional smoker
  Clean Cut
  Yes - not living with me
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About Me

im a romantic at heart... a kind gentle caring soul who can also be very passionate at the same time.i enjoy the simple things in life... love, life,nature and the stars. i enjoy all kinds of activities. i love hiking and nature,camping, movies, caving, music. i love to snuggle and cuddle and show affection. of course the main goal would be to find a good solid connection with the possibility of more for the future. although i am a realist and im down with even meeting new people for friendship alone. i love to chat and text..so im looking forward to meeting and talking to people regardless of the outcome. connection etc.... im a people person, a gentle soul with a great sense of humor.... i get great joy out of making people laugh... cant upload a pic at the moment (soon) but message me and i will give you a link to one online.. im a guy you can talk to about anything and everything and you wont be afraid of being judged or me not listening to you. im a very great listener and non judgmental. if you cant get along with me then you cant get along with anyone on earth lol .... i love to cook , i love to pamper my significant other, like to write poetry and connect with my inner male feelings. im not a sissy... im a mans man.... been labeled a bad boy by quite a few but im not... im in touch with my feelings and emotions at the same time... i find it a great balance to who i am. but at the same time i am strong,masculine, can work on cars,build stuff, fix stuff, start a fire without matches or a lighter...basically if you got stranded on a deserted island you would want me around lol ...
Im a lover and not a fighter, i am into poetry and i write some from time to time... music is my life, without it i am nothing... i was a dj in the mid nineties for a time and since 1998 i have been producing and remixing music.... its a passion of mine that roots very deeply within my soul. i love indoors as well as outdoors but im a nature freak within my soul... give me a cool calming creek to sit near and i can stay for hours. nature trails and exploring are my regular forte. Im family oriented very much so... i love my mother (awwww) shes like my best friend... i love children (they are our future) I have been and done many things in my life and its helped me become who i am today, and through lots of heartbreak i have learned many valuable lessons, i know how to treat a woman with love, honesty, dignity and respect... chivalry is not dead says ME I love to ponder life and philosophize on many different subject. I can discuss anything from the possibility of life in the cosmos to everyday general banter. anyways thank you for taking the time to read this... i will add to it as time allows me... have a great day or night whichever it is for you.

What I'm Looking For

someone to share with, or just talk to... im a fan of chatting and texting so friendships are good too. like to meet that "other half" of me but if not its all good

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