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Perfect time oto share a cup of tea..or starbucks
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  Age: 35   Gender: Female   Race: Hispanic   Location: California United States
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  None but want some soon
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About Me

Lets see where to I start I'm a really sweet girl. I love animals and defend them agianst any evil adult lol yes I said it. I love children in fact college major is child development. I love working with little ones. I also run a buss from home that's something else ill tell you later. I live at home with parents which I don't mind I love my parents and family a lot. I have a great pup hehe he is my cuddly bear. I love life till forever , nothing well bring me down. Like people say we have ups and downs right so just chin up and chug it keep chugging I mean we all have a purpose in life so why not just keep chugging till we find our purposes. I love the color pink and I love bright colors I was told by a friend haha girl you never wear black or gray pshh only places i wear that is at a funeral or maybe a wedding the litle black dress or job enterview not really I go cute clean and comfy hehee... You don't have too wear black too get the job ok. I am a giggly person a happy all the time person.
What I'm Looking For

Well a gentlemen, a family guy, a guy who doesn't mind coming over with family same I wouldn't mind same for you. A person who knows what he wants in a relationship. Like I'm Catholic relationship means marriage eventually at end for me. A person who believes in marriage and kids and settling down one day. I hate when people date for years and at end someone doesn't believe in marriage anymore really. A man who still opens doors too doors and cars for me I love that in a guy. I guy can give me a random rose and say here its just because hehe.

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