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Tall, handsome, athletic, tattoos, funny
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  Age: 32   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: streamwood Illinois United States
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Hello yello names Mike,

Tend to be funny and not care how I act when it comes to being funny. You live life once and its too short to be serious all the time. I know when to act proper when necessary. Im a gentleman at heart. I don't just say that (strong background).
I love comedys- Will Ferrell is my fav comedian but I do also love Chris Farley,Zack Galifinakis,Sasha Baron Cohen, John C. Reily, Reggie Watts, Kat Williams to name a few.
I'm a very blunt person, I say it like it is in my head. Very real/true. Dont like to bs unless its worth arguement. But at the same time hate arguements.
Music plays a real passion in my life,I'm a punk rocker you could say, but I do like other music. Just NOT into opera, tooo classic rock n roll, heavy metal, scremo.
My favorite band:Alkaline Trio. Long story about them especially involving Matt Skiba.

Im also a fan of art. Im not that talented in drawing myself but show my passion threw my tattoos. I have around 20 so far..Looking to finish my sleves first.
down to earth and laid back side. I enjoy gardening. Horticulture is something that intrigues me.
My main sport to play/coach is soccer. Started playing at 2 years old, my dad was my coach and inspiration( R.I.P dad)

I'm 100% Polish, fluent. But I know I dont look it.
I love multiple other types of sports,and play most of them. Kinda can't help it since ive been like that at a very young age.

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What I'm Looking For

Looking to meet an attractive woman. Attraction is something I feel is important, But right along with sense of humor! I do not lead on any woman to get shut down, cause I would not want that to happen to me. I might not be the sexiest guy in the world but im also not the average joe. I'm tired of playing Bs/drama games. Ive been single long enough now and know im ready. I don't go out to bars to meet girls cause I'm always with my friends and focus my attention on them, not the girls around me. So this website is good enough for now I suppose, we can say we met at Target or hobby lobby Lol ;-)

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