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Here searching for my soulmate
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The Basics
  Age: 41   Gender: Male   Race: African   Location: South Carolina United States
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About Me

I'm very open and charismatic person. I like making friends, socializing with people. I catch attention and appraisal easily but I never play with people's feelings and emotions. I'm very sensitive. I experience my friends problems as my own and ready to share all I have to sooth somebody's pain. I'm candid you'll never catch me lying or concealing something, I can't stand treachery or offenses, flattery or vanity. But I don't want to seem presenting myself as ideal all this has it's reverse side of being straight-forward and somewhat quick-tempered if I give I want to get back the same in response and I feel hurt when I get burned.
What I'm Looking For

I should confess I'm an orphan and have been living with my aunt for the greatest part of my life. You may understand now how strong is my will to have my own family. And you might realize how serious I am and how anxious and timid I am to make the right choice. I want that my children will have a full family and if my partner will be divorced with children I'll be the closest friend for them ever possible so that they'll never feel pinched, subdued or depressed. I want my future husband to be very sensitive and sympathetic. I do want to have a solid family full of love and affection, understanding and honesty, laughter and may be tears but from happiness, ups and downs but which will be shared between us and with support shown to each other.

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