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  Age: 52   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: California United States
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About Me

I'm a nice person, non-judgemental.
Great sense of humor.
I have a job, most of my hair, and teeth left.
I don't need Viagra, at least not yet!
Clean and neat freak, I take 2 showers a day and you could eat off my floors.
I use mouthwash, floss, deoderant, and always kiss my dogs before and after I come home from work.
I Love to sing and I write songs for TV and Film.
I'm an "Original Jersey Boy" meaning I am 100 % Italian from New Jersey.
I can make a great Pasta Sauce and the Rigatoni al-dente!
If you like to laugh and laugh often you found the right guy.

1.I can play 5 instruments including guitar and piano and sing to you!
2. I am very romantic and always smell fresh and clean, cause I am.
3. I hold the door open for you and never say you look fat in that dress!
4. I always have something nice to say, even if I'm lying.
5. When you passionately kiss me you can open your eyes and see my cute "Little Nose!", How cool is that?

Although my home is in Santa Barbara, I live in Studio City during the week because I have to be near the studios. So if I date someone it's better that they are closer to Studio City so I could see more of them.

Social status, what a joke! My Mom and Dad were together for years and they never asked if they were good enough for each other based on their jobs and income.
I don't care what kind of a job you have, how much money you make, or you don't make, what kind of car you drive, and what kind of clothes you wear, or what kind of place you live in.
If we click I'm dating you!
Not your money, house or car!

So many people can't get that concept and base their lives on trying to find perfection in an imperfect world.

If I find you attractive and you have a good heart, then your what I'm looking for.
I work with the biggest stars in the world and it doesn't mean sh*t to me.
I go for personality and what you have in your heart, not your wallet.
That's the way I was raised and I am proud of it.

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What I'm Looking For

What am I looking for in a Woman?

My 10 Simple Rules...

1. She has to have a pulse and be breathing.

2. Her voice can't be lower than mine and can't have an adams apple!

3. Her breath has to smell nicer than my first piano teacher!

4. She doesn't open her mouth wide like "Jaws" when she kisses me!

5. She can't have a mustache, beard or uni-brow.

6. She must shower at least once a year!

7. She can't rush me into sex until I get on the Pill first!
"I ain't gettin Preggie!"

8. Our first date shouldn't be shoe shopping at Macys or DSW!

9. A nice breakfast doesn't mean a bowl of "Lucky Charms"

10. Coming to my house for the first time and bringing your Mom and Dad with you!


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