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I always see glass as half filled
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  Age: 56   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Michigan United States
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About Me

You will need to fill this in before you can start messaging other membersreach out to you and take your hand in mine, our fingers intertwine, the sand is soft and warm under foot, it yields gently to every step as we stroll down the beach, the sound of distant conversation drifts in and out carried along by a warm breeze infused with the scent of tropical flowers. Palm trees sway gently and seem to wave as we pass by and a light from a tiki torch dances across the beach.

I love the totality of life; its joys as well as its struggles. The greatest part is just waking up! Getting it right, though, getting what one seeks in life is hard and often can be frustrating; never quit, though, never quit; shoot for the stars -- always seek what you want -- anything less never works out anyway -- who knows with lots of hard work and lots of luck one just might eventually get it right. But, at the same time, life is very short, so one shouldn’t dwell too much on the negative, worry too much about unrealized hopes, or dream too much about perfect futures. Life's real challenge (its focal point!) really should be trying to live the fullness of the moment, whatever that moment might entail --- "smelling the roses" as it were. There you have it: the Clint-note version of my guiding philosophy. A GOOD life for me would be getting what I "ought" to seek --- I’m still working on learning what "ought"is, but at this point I do know that GOOD includes, at its root level, an emotional bonding, an intimacy, an enduring friendship with THE RIGHT woman.

As for my daily outlook, I tend to see the brighter side of most things. When necessary though, I’m tough as nails; If something knocks me down, i usually forgive easily because I hardly get upset, But, finding "meaning," finding my "right place" in life has always been one of my life-long pursuits. My thinking is a little outside the "box" at times; I like to experiment, to try new things. I tend to explore subjects of interest to their apparent "edges." I enjoy fine wines, classy exotic dinners and the cultural arts. I also like long walks in the park, simple things generally, like the thunder of crashing waves on a beach or the buzz of a kid's playground.
I adhere to the "golden rule"; I try to avoid being judgmental; I worry about young kids I see standing near the street. While I’m no where close, achieving an ideal human state, a delicate mix among the physical, intellectual and spiritual aspects of our being may be one of my more noteworthy ambitions. I'm a voracious reader who tends to ponder the "deep" (with only limited success at "seeing" I suddenly add), but my attempts at deep thinking have always seemed to provide me a context for my life's actions. I love the language. I workout regularly, a delightful carryover of many years of playing sports. I stay fairly active.

What I'm Looking For

You will need to fill this in before WHAT ELSE DO I OFFER? A space wrapping wily, woolly imagination. A dependability as reliable as gravity. A romanticism that transforms the dullest thoughts into emotive desires. An honesty steeped in self-esteem. An insatiable curiosity always and wholly unsatisfied. An indomitably exploring spirit. A hater of bored, inane sameness. A stamina absorbed with living each and every day a million different ways with a million different emotions.

MY IDEAL woman is emotionally strong and highly intelligent. She knows what she wants and doesn't hesitate asking for it. She wants to be NEEDED --- and she wants her man to NEED her back. She seeks life-long truthfulness. That being her aim, she is driven to be emotionally strong enough to open up to her man -- to place her trust in him -- to be daring enough to explore all the wondrous physical possibilities that their intimacy might bring. She is a conversationalist ... a romantic ... an intellectual ... an adventurer ... an in-shape fitness freak. Ah, enough...let me hear from you.
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