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New here, go easy on me please!
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The Basics
  Age: 47   Gender: Male   Race: Asian   Location: Michigan United States
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  Stocky, Athletic
  Casual, Stylish, Clean Cut   Average
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  Short, Medium
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About Me

Hello! Just trying to make dating NOT like rocket science so here we go--

I'm a technical professional in the information technology industry but somehow still stymied by technical advances like cell phones and answering machines (what's that noise? who's that talking?). Others have described me as loyal, communicative, intelligent, respectful, confident, well grounded and 'plays nice with others'. I'm also an accomplished performing musician. Wait don't run! Really, we're not ALL crazy with a total disregard to social mores. Now, I am the type of person that you can bring home to meet the parents, but if I were to ever meet the people who raised you over dinner, 'musician' would be the LAST thing I would ever tell them... Can you imagine the falling silverware (and jaws) hitting the table in unison? Me ducking behind something solid as your dad and/or mom reaches for the shotgun...

All joking aside I really do enjoy my active performing life in Michigan but my favorite kind of lady is not necessarily found in the venues I hit in...I'd like to meet a great lady that has solid values like integrity and honesty. A confident and passionate woman that feels things deeply is a must! Although I am on here for the same reasons everyone else is, let's not hurry so we can enjoy making friends with an unassuming frame of mind. I can't stress the confidence and trust part enough though. It takes a certain kind of lady that can understand a musician's life and the lady I want to be with just can't be threatened by that. You must have a level of self-confidence to know you're 'all that' and trusting with certainty that when my gig is over for the night, I'll be thinking of you and not somebody else.

My 'Intangibles': Passionate about making good music. Gregarious / silly at times and introspective / serious at others. Hard working and tenacious. Cleans up nicely. I have a 5" stainless steel plate bolted on to my fibula because of an injury I sustained involving an incredibly high speed collision on a bicycle (at 30 mph-- ok, so it's not a very sexy injury but it was a high speed collision for a bike). No, you can't touch it, it's under my skin and hence I placed it in my 'Intangibles' section. I also have a lot of patience for most things- If I set off store/airport metal detectors because of my steel plate, you would just be the greatest if you had patience too. I'd love it if you could put on the that's-my-guy smile just for me while I assume the position and security frisks me for weapons, contraband, terrorist machinations, underwire bras or whatever the nice people with guns and tasers had in mind ;)

What I'm Looking For

Are you lighthearted, caring, fun, music-loving, sincere, attractive, educated and baggage-less? (The Coach and Samsonite type are ok though). A fashionably versatile woman who can rock a tee-shirt and jeans combo along with that 'Little Black Dress' and pair of stilettos always makes me go 'mmmm'. Oh and please have a picture on your profile to share. Don't get me wrong, because it's all part of that chemistry thing. I am a guy that truly appreciates beauty in all different kinds of packages - Like the cosmos shattering inner beauty that can only stem from a learned mind/soul to the outer kind of beauty that causes traffic accidents in the middle of rush hour. And if you have ever caused a ten car accident by the sheer act of just walking by traffic, shame on you for walking so close to traffic! I'd have to get used to the idea that you've probably caused a fair amount of collateral property damage and personal injury in your time(again, shame on you). BUUUT, I am willing to overlook your freak of nature physical beauty only because you were unlucky enough to inherit the genetics from your parents through no fault of your own - you poor unfortunate soul... *wink*

So you see, I have a bit of a sarcastic side but really, it's the playful kind. I appreciate a woman who can sling it back at me with wit and charm *grin*


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