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"Is this thing on?!"
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  Age: 49   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Columbus Ohio United States
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About Me

Hmm... What to put here.

Well, I'm a self-absorbed egomaniac attempting to convert the world to my way of thinking. Of course, everyone else is wrong and I'm right. ;)

I have my opinions that have been formulated over my 43 years of life experience. But I am a very kind person. I love and want to be loved. I would never want to hurt anybody. Yet I have been hurt by others around me in the past—maybe I'm a bit jaded.

Yet I digress...

I am a good person with a wonderful daughter that I see as often as I can. I am a creative person with design as my chosen career. I've done it for many years and I have a difficult time seeing myself doing anything else. I grew up with my grandfather who owned a printshop and the town newspaper (Somerset, OH.) Did a stint in the Navy thinking that I wanted to be an architect but ended up in Industrial Design. And while it's been a volatile industry over the last several years, there isn't anything else I see myself doing.

I love being outdoors. I love biking (on- and off-road), camping (primitive-ish), hiking and skiing. But I also love going to a swanky club or restaurant. I'm pretty much open to anything.

I play guitar and, when the mood strikes, a buddy of mine and I pop in and play at various open stages. It's fun and cathartic.

I'm generally an agreeable person but no "yes man." I will let you know what I think yet I do respect others' opinions.

I hate to discuss politics or religion. I believe every person sets their own course and it's no one else's business. I suppose I could be categorized (hate that word) as a left-leaning, socially liberal libertarian. But I generally vote "Democrat." (They seem to "hate" the least.)

I don't really know where I'm going with this but I feel like it's long enough already. That said, I hate to be called a "nice guy" but I am. I care for others. I tend to put others before myself. I hold doors. I say "please" and "thank you." And while I can put up with quite a bit, I do have my limits. Abuse is not acceptable. The person I end up with will be one able to recognize their own behavior.

What I'm Looking For

I want to meet a soulmate. A lover, best friend and confidant. Someone to protect that protects me as well. A woman I can trust that trusts me. Someone with whom we have our "mutual backs." One would think that over the course of 43 years I would've found that. Well, that person has proven to be rather elusive.

I have not given up yet, though. She's there. Somewhere.


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