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hey how are you beautiful ladies ?
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  Age: 40   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Missouri United States
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About Me

it's time a real man stood up and defended woman out here in the world . not that they need to be defended but i am, NOT SURE IF GUYS CAN READ THIS PROFILE OR NOT BUT, I AM SO, TIRED OF HOW MOST OF YOU MEN GET ONLINE HERE LOOKING FOR SEX AND UsE WOMAN . i am also, way different then most males, i was born and raised by a single mom no dad so, i know how a woman wants and needs to be treated . most men today use woman AND YES EVEN ABUSE, WOMAN . IF YOU WANT LAID JUST TELL THEM DON'T LEAD THEM ON FOR 1 . AND FOR 2 WHEN YOU MESS WITH WOMAN YOUR MESSING WITH ME CAUSE, WOMAN DON'T KNOW WHO IS REAL AND WHO IS NOT . I AM A REAL MAN AND I AM TIRED OF BEING ALONE AND HURT, LIED TOO, CHEATED ON BECAUSE WOMAN DON'T KNOW IF THEY CAN TRUST IN THE REAL MEN OUT THERE OR NOT . I CAN'T BLAME THEM . I AM A VERY NICE MAN BUT, DAMN, AM I GETTING PISSED YOUR SUPPOSE TO BE THEIR FOR YOUR WOMAN TO LOVE AND CHERISH HER NOT HURT HER IN ANYWAY . AND TRUST ME YOU DON'T WANT ME TO GET PISSED OFF . KNOW WITH THAT SAID ; im different then most males i was born and raised by a single mom no dad ,so, i know how a woman , wants and needs to be treated . i also dont believe in a 50/50 relationship . the way i see it is if 2 people are togeather and they both dont cheat, lie, and are their for each other through thick and thin then and only then they are BOTH giving 100/100 % relationship the way it should and has to be . at the same time dont just trust someone make them earn your trust . i love to make people laugh and bring a smile to their face no matter how dorky i look cause, as, long as someone has a smile or laughs so, hard they almost piss their pants lol ha ha got ya lol i figure my day had been accomplished and wanting more the next day . LIFE IS TOO SHORT 2- SUM IT UP I AM PRETTY MUCH HELLA SWEET . On THURS 1-18-2007 IN FACT 9 DAYS AFTER MY BIRTHDAY i lost my hero my mother . MOM thank you so, much for being a loving mother, a single parent and being their for me and my brother wayland . your the best mother anyone could ever have . for when i fell all i had to do was to cry out mom and their you was . no matter what when i was out with friends until 3 or 4 am who was the one their sitting up with the lights on you mom until you known i was home safe . i love you and will miss you 4-ever but, everthing you taught me as, a man will live in me forever i love you and thank you so, so so much . R.I.P MAMA MISSING YOU MAMA .

i am looking 4 ; someone basically who is real and someone who is iwlling to take the chance to belive in mel ikei do her, to believe in me like i can move a mountain even though we both knowi can't . but, 4 the most part someone to respect herself cause, i want soemone who hasn't slept around and hasn't been with many guys if any . i also, love thunderstorms and dancing in the rain . nothingl ike the smell of fresh rain when it is just about to poor .

i work for elderly people which, i love helping the elderly people and people in general . as, for me i am here looking for pure and simple my special someone to hwom i can relate to and she relates to me . i take her hand she, takes, my hand as, we take this long and i do mean very,very long walk in this world togeather . she , teaches me htings, i teach her things, and if god granted us marriage and children then ,we teach our children things and yes, even our children teaches us things . to me that's what life is all about .

What I'm Looking For

i am looking for a woman who won't cheat, lie and who will be there for me likei am her. so, basically soeone to hang out with get to know watch movies, talk, play video games whatever as, long as, we are togeather and take a chance on love . commitment, a lifetime of happiness.

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