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Whoever knows himself well , has known God well...
Online: 2520 days ago   Updated: 2520 days ago   Joined: 2520 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 37   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: KL Kuala-Lumpur Malaysia
The Details
Body Type:
  None but want some soon
Eye Colour:
Hair Length:
  Very Short
Sexual Orientation:
Hair Colour:
About Me

With all the respect to all humans from all races , colors , religions and nationality , I intend to Date and Marry a Muslim ,because I am a Muslim myself and I love my religion . It is the foundation of my life.
However , I can be good friend with anyone from any religion or race, but no relationship and love .

I know that the chance that I can find my wife in this website and any other website , is below 1% , but I still open profile here , to have done my part .

I am from Iran , living in Malaysia .
I try my best to be a nice human! There is no problem in my life , thanks to God :)

I Don't :
Drink alcohol ,
smoke ,
use drugs ,
party ,club,
sleep with prostitutes ,
tell a lie ,
steal money ,
chase selfish ladies ,
think of other people's money ,
have hope in anything or any person except God ,
let anyone enter my home without passing all the criteria ,
touch animals ,
betray my gf/ wife
and a lot more ....

I DO :
go to gym ,
study ,
work ,
look for a nice gf /wife,
love family and children ,
like to get married and settle down "one day" ,
live simple (but don't criticize those who like luxury) ,
believe in God , other world ,religions
like Malaysia and want to stay here!

I Might :
introduce my gf to my family ,
marry if she is the one ,
fall in love blindly ,

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What I'm Looking For

Some one who reads above , and has the same ideas as me towards life .
Overall , you should message to me if :

-you don't want to cheat me ,
-you don't want to "get something" from me ( money, career , etc)
-you don't look at me as a customer for your business
-you do not think that people from Middle East are very rich and they they dunno what to do with their money , so let's get close to them to benefit from it !
- you don't think that dating a foreigner is dangerous cause they might leave the country soon ( cause it doesn't apply to me ! )

you are really looking for a nice friendship , or more ...


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