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Hey everybody! My name is jennifer! Message me! :)
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The Basics
  Age: 25   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Ohio United States
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  Voluptuous, Average
  Stylish, Average, Casual   Trendy
  None but want some soon
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  Very Short, Medium, Short
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About Me

My name is jennifer, I love having fun. I love laughing and talking. I am probably the most easiest person to get along with. I am christian, no I will not be your playmate. I want to have a real relationship somebody who is near me. If you want to know more email me on facebook, jennifer frosch. or my skype, pinkpanther0181. Thank you and god bless.
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What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for somebody who is just like me. Not afraid to show themselves for being them. Who is smart, intelligent and funny. I do not like the gangster kind of people. So if your going to even try to be a gangster with me don't waste your time. I like the clean cut kinda people. I do not appreciate disrespect. I am a woman and should be treated like such. I'm looking for somebody who has an amazing head on their shoulders. I do not want a lousy bum. If you act immature or throw a fit, I do not want to date somebody who acts like a child. I'm not saying don't have fun because I love fun. I love to dork out. I love pillow fights, squirt gun fights, playing in the snow, staying up all night and not going to bed till the next night. I love all of it. I have an inner child who loves to play around. But I do have a serious side. I am very romantic woman when I fall in love. I want somebody who will do the same. I want somebody who is passionate and what they do in life is a big part of who they are. Materialistic items are not a big deal to me. Yes they are nice but it is not everything. I want somebody who thinks the same. I know my standards are high but I had bad experiences before. I am not uptight, I'm very laid back. But once you get to know me I'm absolutely outgoing. Anybody can make me smile.' laughing is a huge part of who I am. I'm extremely easy to get along with if you do not get on my bad side. I love cuddling, I love hugging and I'm a very sexual person. If you made it this far in reading, and if you are interested. Contact me on my facebook, look up my name jennifer frosch. My skype is pinkpaanther0181 and my email is my username. Only with a gmail.com at the end. Do not forget the @. Lolol :) Cannot wait to hear from you ^_^

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