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  Age: 46   Gender: Female   Race: Mediteranian   Location: Pdx Oregon United States
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  A few extra pounds
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About Me

It's said I have a strong personality, maybe because I tend to be direct, have a quick wit and am very outgoing. While my direct style may seem "masculine" and my male friends consider me as "one of the guys", don't let that fool you, I'm very feminine. Very. Not a high maintenance girly-girl - feminine.

I'm nurturing and caring and have always been a giver; being a "taker"...that's a difficult role for me. I've always been independent. This doesn't mean I'll allow someone to take advantage of my giving nature, I can easily spot a user when I meet one.

I'm sociable and have great enthusiasm for big events. I'll be first in line with my beer mug and tokens in hand for opening day of the Oregon Brew Fest. Oktoberfest will find me at Mt Angel and Oaks Park dancing to the polka bands, naturally holding a beer mug. Yeah, I like beer. I get out for St Patty's, Mardi Gras, all the beer festivals, jazz festivals...you get the idea.

On the flip side, I also enjoy my "recharge time", when I take time out for myself and enjoy a bit of stillness.

I love being outdoors in good or bad weather. Want to see a happy girl? Take me camping and build a fire, I'll bring fixin's for s'mores and lead the singing!
I like being on or around water, preferably the ocean but I'm good with the river too. I spend a lot of time on Sauvies during the summer, taking my dog, sunbathing and swimming a bit. I always stop off at Krugers to pick up berries for baking or cucumbers and dill for pickling.

I'm a "dog person", especially big dogs. I like to take my boy everywhere when possible. I own a handsome Rottweiler and am co-owner of a beautiful Weimaraner.

Very important, is that you're into sports...at least you gotta love football, please! I'm a HUGE Green Bay Packer fan and will NOT miss a game even though I may not get to bed until 5am and the game is scheduled for morning, I'll get up and watch it.

I enjoy gardening, indoor and outdoor, how's your back? :)
I love the scent of lemon and have a small lemon tree in my home and I keep it blooming year-round. Jasmine, gardenia and honeysuckle are favorite scented blooms of mine and I love violets and orchids. Give me a deep porch with wisteria, clematis and honeysuckle climbing all over it, a pair of rockers and a pitcher of beer or lemonade and the smile will never leave my face.

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What I'm Looking For

I seek people who share my positive outlook on life. Someone who is mature and responsible but who has also retained the ability to play like a kid and who's not afraid of getting older, in fact, looks forward to it.

I seek confident people...confidence is the sexiest quality you can posses. You should possess an open mind, not be quick to judge and have a creative imagination.

I seek someone who wants to travel and explore, who is sociable and adventurous.


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