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  Age: 30   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: New York United States
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  Clean Cut
  None but want some soon
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About Me

i play ice and roller hockey, i love to workout and be stronger and faster and better looking then everybody else, i love to get in fights in hockey, i do moto x in the summer, if anyone ever tried to push me around like a **** id knock them the **** out, i love to drink and party carelessly and be loud and the center of attention, i love to tell storys when im out drinking with everyone, i dress good, look good, play hard and work hard. i already get plenty of girls, but it dont hurt to get even MORE. which is why i made this...

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What I'm Looking For

if my girl aint hot enough or dont put out enough i leave her for one who is and does, im picky, i want a girl who has long dark or blonde hair with bright eyes (blue,green,hazel) and is tan and short and has medium to large sized breasts, cant be boney or fat or chubby but just right, has to always smell good and always keep in check with her appearance, dresses all cute and girly all the time and has her nails and hair done (except when she wakes up in the morning next to me i ****ing love messy morning sex hair3 ) i also like it if she wears sweatpants and is all snuggly and cute if we stay in and hangout one night watching movies together. she has to be VERY sexually spontaneous and adventureous like me, little hands and feet are a plus and its an aboslout MUST that shes not a stuck up spoiled little ****... sometimes i like a good argument cause i LOVE passionate make up sex with all the hair pulling and biting. P.S. leggings are like magnets to my hands so wear them if you want me to make you feel beautiful in front of everyone when we go out somewhere in public.

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