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lone wolf, but it kinda gets tiring
Online: 1894 days ago   Updated: 1952 days ago   Joined: 2436 days ago
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  Age: 34   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Cundinamarca Colombia
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About Me

I'm a lone wolf, been all my life
(if i am here it obviously means i want to change that)
therefore you can tell I'm loyal and as oldie as it sounds i still believe in honor, also I'm sort of anarchist, and otaku... xenogears all the way! ... actually, more like squaresoft, and j-RPG... but err xenogears will give you a good in-sight on my taste.

if you ever seen one of those movies where a j-erk gets his heart broken and becomes obsessed about knowing exactly what he did wrong while moving forward with life, then you might get a picture about me

i may be colombian but i m far from the cultural fit of Latins or Hispanics (being that a strong reason to be here), i don't drink or party, actually i kinda find it disgusting... read in short.. i rarely fit where i live

i don't read books, of course i have done it but i don't really like reading books, but i hold a high respect for those who do it all the time (i agree with the quote: there is no knowledge that is no power, and i'm really comfortable around people who at least know why the sky is blue), i'm too lazy and prefer to see a good movie (blade runner, 2001, sci-fi in general, LOTR you get the point), or play a good game (by the way, if you think that video games are stupid, linear or empty save your time already).
so yeah i'm more like a *media* guy in this matter.

i enjoy listening to symphonic music, specially soundtracks and specially from games, but a few LOTR songs should be fine, also old stuff like pink floyd, the who, or ramones, actually i have quite more than 200GB on just music (i even digitally saved old vinyls, and lost about 3/4 of the original discs when i moved so i'm keeping it backed up) .. cant live without it... yes its an obsession....

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What I'm Looking For

Someone who plays video games, knows about astrophysics (well just know.. i m not looking for a phd.. just someone who knows why the sky is blue would do... is that so hard?), likes to travel, doesn't really like parties, or drinking, who likes star wars, star trek.. so.. kind of a geek.. and who above all... SPEAK HER MIND, what she feels.. what she thinks... maybe also why she feels or thinks like that.. (yeah this will leave out most Latin women)..
I find disgusting and disrespectful the people who go around having lots of relationships like they are tasting free food at the mall with the stupid excuse of "i'm just looking for the right one" (yeah.. while you may get pregnant or have a disease, or get so devastated by a relationship that you end up lonely or with chronic depression, or even suicidal), therefore it is my goal to find someone to spend the rest of my life with or stay alone if i cant find her, even if it sounds pathetic or too cheesy, it is something i have learned from my own life, and the pain of all my family and friends who ever broke up with their partners, which sadly.. are most of them


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