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Let's Go Beyond
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  Age: 48   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Marysville Washington United States
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About Me

“There is a place called Beyond, where “but what if?” and “is that wise?” are never heard. Where the ordinary becomes the extra ordinary, and today is never a repeat of yesterday. Where people wake up to a cloudy sky, and say, “you know what, I don’t think I’ll take my umbrella today”. Where caution is thrown to the wind, and people dance like no one is watching. In Beyond the rule book has never been written. Wealth is measured in time, not money. Dirty is better than clean. Now is better than never, and dare is better than don’t, and, well, you get the drift. We can all get to this place, just pack some courage, some spirit, and some nerve. Then go, go awol, go amiss, go off the page. Go Beyond!”

Okay about me, well I grew up in Europe and I have travelled the world extensively since the age of 4. I've been to 5 of the 7 continents and to about 48 to 50 countries. I have been to 38 of the 50 states and I plan to visit the rest someday. I am a Veteran and served 6 years and 4 combat tours in the Army. I am laid back and mellow, sometimes too much so. I have a great sense of humor and try to find humor in everything I see and do. Not much of a hard drinker, I just like a really good rubust beer at social occasions or while chilling at home. I am an above average cook and enjoy cooking. I am a cinema buff and enjoy movies of all genres. Same with music, I listen to a little of everything ! I enjoy reading books, NOT E-Readers. I have a vast antique Winnie the Pooh collection. I collect rare beers from all over the world as well. I am a huge Land Rover fan...not "soccer mom" Land Rovers, but "take it out in the wilderness, cover it with mud, and come back with small scratches, a dent, and a really fantastic story !" Land Rovers. I am into 60's and 70's muscle Cars. And, as my screen name suggests, Outdoor activities...: Hiking, Mountain Biking, Backpacking, Car camping, Kayaking, Geocaching, Etc. I am also into roadtrips, with or without a destination. I do watch some T.V. but not much. I like BBQ's, Skinny Dipping, Martial Arts, Inner tubing, sleding, water skiing, just getting into snow boarding, antiquing, swapmeets, garage sales, thrift stores, photography, sex, out of the way places, travel...the list goes on... I am a "Jeans, T-Shirt, Leather Jacket, and Hiking Boots" kinda guy. I buy most of my clothes from the thrift store or Old Navy. I do clean up well and look devistatingly handsome in a tux ! A few new things I am getting into are, Riding Motorcycles, Snow Boarding, Krav Maga, Red Neck Sports, The walking dead on AMC, and making my own sushi, also playing the Native American flute. I live with roommates for convienience. Sorry, but I don't want to date a regular smoker...social smoker is okay, 420's okay or if you're making a real effort to quit, that's okay too. Also, I am a father with a young son who I will be sharing custody of...so you must be okay with that as he is my world. If you have kids, that's great ! Also I am going to Hawaii in September. From Sept. 28th to Oct. 4rth...Maui, I am stoked ! Okay well, that's all I can think of for now. If you are interested for any reason, be it scientific curiosity, or you're actually weird enough to want to meet or date me, the shoot me a message and we'll go from there. Thanks for reading ! _Alan.

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What I'm Looking For

Well, if you've gotten this far...I at least know you're interested. I am looking for a "let's grow old together" relationship. You must want to have at least two or more children, you must want to settle down...obviously, you must be interested in the outdoors and travel. You must be in shape and active, you must be able to maintain your "shape"after having kids...not looking for someone who will get big after kids, not being mean, just honest. looking for "Athletic/Curvy" No "Paris Hilton" types and no BBW's, "pleasently plump", Obese, or heavyset women please. Would like you to be between 29 to 34 years old. Sorry I know there are a lot of very "Hot" women in their 40's...but 34 is my limit. I am a "log cabin" or "lake house" or "farm" living type of guy, you please be the same....still interested ?

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