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Happiness is What you Make of it!
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  Age: 38   Gender: Female   Race: Hispanic   Location: Fresno California United States
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Hi There-

I know how challenging relationships can be but i am willing to try until i find someone who is just as passionate about the work it takes to make a relationship work as I am. I realize that men and women are very different and over the past year i have learned a lot a valuable lessons that have really helped me become more aware of myself and the openness it takes to have a healthy relationship. What i have learned that i feel is so important is, I need to have a solid/loving relationship with ME before i can do that with another; listening openly is key, and I know when to walk away when needed (beating a dead horse never got anyone anywhere). My goal now is try and if we're a good fit great and if not I certainly know how to take care of myself emotionally when and if things don't work. So with that said i believe i am willing and ready to TRY with a man who is solid and whole within himself.

Currently i am at the point of my life in which college is done and now I am working on obtaining my dream job, I am almost there its just a matter of time. Currently i am not working but looking, in the meantime i am interning and relying own my savings for my income. *Please note that, although I'm not working by no means am i looking for a sugar daddy. I know with hard work and time i will have the career of my dreams i just haven't reached that point yet.

My pastimes include: Animals- I love how they love me unconditionally no questions asked. I love taking my dog running whether that be out in the country where i live or the park. I just love watching her run she looks soo happy with the wind in her face free as a bird. I also love cats and have the most beautiful chocolate point persian ever, he's amazing and I adore him!

I love short trips which include: Amusement parks- I'm a big kid; beaches; SF, L.A., and pretty much anywhere in California. When i can I'd love to explore more this wonderful world has to offer but financially i have yet to all that i'd like.

I love movies and music of all sorts but my favorites are love stories, comedies, and some horror movies. As for Music I am a huge 'country fan' and also appreciate alternative and soft rock... I am NOT a fan of rap and would appreciate a man who doesn't listen to it obsessively.

When it comes to sports, I'm not too big of a fan and don't have much of a appreciation for watching it but love to play sports and absolutely love TENNIS!!! FYI: If your the type of man that spends weekends vegged out watching FOOTBALL were probably not going to get a long all that well... your probably discovering at this point that i am blatantly honest, THATS ME!!! I tell it like it is and I have no problem confronting situations or issues that are in front of me, I have a voice and i use it a lot.

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What I'm Looking For

I am an open person looking for a man who also has an open mind and heart. By no means am i looking for perfection, just the right man for me, which is my idea of perfection because he is the right fit for ME. I am looking for a strong connection and someone who is not afraid to allow himself to be vulnerable with another. With everything in life there is risk and dating is no different, so with that said I do not tolerate closed minded men that only want surface level interactions. I'm not surface level and I refuse to relate to others in that way. I have a heart and i am giving but i also need what i need and that is a strong confident, self aware man who can articulate himself and will speak his mind without fear or hurting my feelings.

As far as appearance, please provide visible pictures that are recent and we can determine that way if we are attracted to one another. Well, as much as we can from pictures that is. :-)



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