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Whole-hearted, funny/creative guy for cute girl
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The Basics
  Age: 35   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Appleton Wisconsin United States
The Details
Body Type:
  Clean Cut, Scruffy
  Smokes only when drinking
Eye Colour:
Hair Length:
  Very Short
Sexual Orientation:
Hair Colour:
About Me

I could not imagine myself seeking anyone else in the future, when I was in my last relationship. We were like two birds in aerial dance, a beautiful sight... driven, alive, full of soul, spirit, and love. The winds of change, they did come. Our feathers became ruffled and due to our respective issues, it was becoming a challenge to soar together once again. By the time I'd learned how to deal with the winds, it had been too late. That beautiful bird decided to fly solo, and here I am with broken wings, grounded. It's hard waking up with the reality that I am bitterly alone once again... the train horn behind my place sounds lonelier. The empty ambience of night begs for the laughs and whispers of lovers lying in the grass finding stars in each other's eyes. Maybe you're like me, looking to be reborn in heart and soul.

I have missed out on most of my 20s and so I don't want kids. I prefer someone younger (19 to 21), but it's not a requirement. I've been doing graphic design on my own for 9 years but am looking for a "real" job before I go to school. I don't own a car and live at home and I feel pretty guilty about it, but I'm taking all the steps I have to.

I love writing music/playing guitar, going on photo trips, EAA airshows/military aircraft, American Le Mans racing, playing pool, video/PC-games, jogging/biking, cuddling up to movies/TV, hanging out with friends at the local bar, going for walks, seeing the stars, deep conversation, dorky moments and inside jokes.

+ Some music:
Alice In Chains
A Perfect Circle
Black Label Society
Depeche Mode (most favorite)
Johnny Cash
Movie/video game scores
Peter Gabriel...
Stone Temple Pilots
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Tori Amos

+ Some movies...
80s/90s comedies (Chris Farley, John Candy, Steve Martin, etc.)
The Book of Eli
The Crow
Vanilla Sky
V For Vendetta

+ Some TV...
The Office (US)
True Blood

+ Some books...
Chuck Yeager autobio
Johnny Cash autobio
Poetry (Poe, Robert Frost, Rimbaud, etc.)
Stephen King
The Crow (graphic novel)
V For Vendetta (graphic novel)

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What I'm Looking For

Cute, short n' blonde is nice! But that's just an image I have in my head, I don't have hard ideals or requirements, so don't worry. I'm more intrigued by people with some kind of culture - hispanic, Native, East Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern, etc. I am fascinated with India.

I require:
- loyalty
- honesty
- some kind of sense of humor (you don't have to BE funny but just be able to laugh about things, at yourself, at me, with me)

I'd like (whatever applies):
- creativity (artistic or musical or both -- this is big!)
- straightforwardness (maybe you can be blunt when needed, but sweet too)
- patience (with yourself, with me, with us - it strengthens relationships and goes a long way)
- someone who enjoys competition, whether say in pool or video games

I do not want:
- drug user (some weed is okay but I do not smoke it)
- alcoholic (social drinking as I do, fine)
- belligerent and know-it-all personality/attitude


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