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The Basics
  Age: 52   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Berkeley California United States
The Details
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About Me

I'm unusually intelligent and articulate, with a terrific sense of humor that I enjoy using to tease you (in nice ways, of course) & make you laugh. I'm defined by many as 'brilliant' and 'genius', which I truly appreciate, finding it both somewhat embarrassing and highly flattering.

You like guys with brains & you like to laugh, and I like very cute, bright females with a nice personality and a good sense of humor.

Obviously there's more to me than my intellect, and there's more to you than your looks...so read on & please contact me soon if you're interested.

I'm an independent computer professional who's described as very smart & funny, patient, a good listener & teacher, talented, sensitive, honest, encouraging, supportive, generous, giving, kind, & humble. I have a strong, fit, healthy, athletic body and a quick, witty mind. I'm liberal, casual, compassionate, & soft-spoken.

I have wonderful friends & acquaintances and very good communication & interpersonal skills, but I'm not the party type. I prefer to relax by doing something fun & casual together or playing a few hours of sweaty tennis, then sprawling over a big bed of yummy food, a Mac (not the fast food kind), a PC, a Droid, and maybe a tv remote (as you've probably surmised, I'm a 'techie', although I'm also an excellent athlete, as well as having other interests and talents).

Crazy-good, mutually-satisfying sex is an essential part of our relationship...we must be great together in the bedroom for the relationship to work.

I'm not the wild bar-hopping type, but I'd be remiss if I didn't admit that I've had many girlfriends and slept around quite a bit, so I'm looking for a monogamous LTR with a female who can spoil me (in healthy ways) by fulfilling all of my needs, and for whom I can do the same.

If you think we have something compatible worth pursuing, please feel free to let me know ASAP.

What I'm Looking For

You should be a very cute, smart, nice, honest, sincere, healthy, reasonably fit, monogamous single female, with a good sense of humor, 25ish to 40ish (give or take an ish), who takes very good care of yourself.

You're not looking for a 'hunk' (because I'm not one...although I consider myself much better-looking than most guys, and I appreciate that many women consider me very cute & attractive), but for someone with very high intelligence, an exceptional sense of humor, and other desirable qualities. You know how to be silly & have fun, and you're emotionally mature enough to know how & when to be serious.

(1) If you have issues, no worries...I'm glad to help you work on them. All I insist is that you really try, and that you accept & appreciate my support & encouragement.
(2) If you're shy, or if you're inexperienced in the bedroom, don't let that hold you back...I'm considered a very good and patient teacher, and it's fun showing you everything...just be a very open, uninhibited, ready, eager, enthusiastic 'student', and we'll do fine!

You can turn me OFF by being selfish & self-centered, loud, obnoxious, illiterate, immature, overweight, argumentative, negatively critical, or using tired cliches such as 'queen looking for her king'.

You can turn me ON by being very cute bright & sexy, giving & receiving, appreciative & supportive, with a good sense of humor and a terrific personality.

Sincere & serious only, please...thanks!


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