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just lookin to meet new unique people like me.
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The Basics
  Age: 29   Gender: Male   Race: Mixed   Location: Texas United States
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  Yes - not living with me
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  Medium, Shoulder Length
About Me

well first off im a huge nerd. i love video games and always will,plus im an otaku! which in japan it means anime obsessed haha. so yea im a anime fan, i work out everyday because i love to stay in shape. its just a part of my routine, i also take chinese kungfu on tuesdays and thursdays. i love martial arts it has always been a huge interest to me. and im very proud of my dedication to it. um i have a 2 year old daughter which i love very much she is my pride and joy and i hope oneday she will be just like me. um im also one of the biggest punk rockers you will ever meet. i love punk rock, ska, and rockabilly music. but other then those i listen to a variety of music except country. i dont have a diploma but im working on my ged so i can go to college to be a paranormal investigator. ive always been a huge believer in that stuff. i also wanna study mythical creatures like loch ness, big foot, new jersey devil, ect...i also love medevil times history, pretty much i dig swords and shit. but i have to say i favor the japanese and chinese colture more. im just into history peried haha. but other then my interests my personality is pretty unique. i love to conversate so im a peoples person. if you wont talk then i will. and i can go on forever if you want me to haha. but yea um if you wanna know more just messege me.
What I'm Looking For

just lookin for someone to share my interests with. im not sure if im ready for anything serious. but i am lookin for a relationship..

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