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  Age: 36   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Wisconsin United States
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  Blue, Grey, Green
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About Me

I'm not actively checking this site, just poking around from time to time; but if I get a message, I'll probably respond. However, it requires your initiative and interest in someone you know virtually nothing about. Consider it... an entrance exam? I feel it's more personal than anything listed in these profiles; it's all pretty much the same anyways. Not to mention it shows me you're outgoing and hopefully interesting! Most people tend to read these things and bank heavily on preconceived notions of what a person is like. Also, don't be roped into the ideal of dating, sometimes it's just nice to meet new people!

The super short summary:
- In relationships, I'm old school. Kind of a hopeless romantic.
- I listen to shit tons of metal/techno.
- I love to cook.
- I'm a nerd, straight up.
- I compulsively learn every day. It's my addiction.

So whatcha waiting for? Chat it up, ask me anything! ;)

What I'm Looking For

I hate when people make checklists of "I want this and this and this and this and this and this and if you're not all of them you're a ^and*(up and noone will ever love you"... but here's a few things I prefer.

- Confidence. Without it, you won't get anywhere in life. Although, if you don't have any, you probably won't reply to this anyways, so that kinda works out.

- Someone who knows how to make a good time! Whether it's just sitting around watching movies (which I do alot, screw you and your overbearingly awesome convenience Netflix!), going out to a show, hitting up a party, or wherever life takes us!

- Bonus points if you enjoy metal, zombies, punk, UFC, zombies (Rule #2: double tap), Kevin Smith, gaming, stumbleupon, vampire flicks, anime, bad horror, driving just to drive, sci-fi, asian food, or got the reference from my title.

In short: an intelligent, silly, affectionate, and sarcastic geek like myself.


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