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Just gotta be yourself and thats all you can be
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  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Kentucky United States
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About Me

Im a simply laid back type of person, I go with the flow of things. Im patient because in this world you have to learn to be. Im a understanding person too, because the major problem with a lot of people is they seem to have a problem with trying to understand that communication is something important in life, if you dont say whats going on in your life that may be bothering you then how can anyone help you solve that problem. I think time can mend wounds, but some wounds seem like they cannot heal fast enough.

I like being outside and enjoying the company of those around me. I like to have conversations but at the same time silence can be nice too. I like to hike, camp, dprnd time at a lake near my house, i like to experience new things, but then again dont we all. Im up for a lot of things, but theres a lot of things that goes against what i would like to do.

I took martial arts, so i really enjoy that. I like Philosophy, and like watching movies. I enjoy the rain and thunder storms. Im a big fan of music.

Theres a lot more to me, but if i told you everything, where would the fun be in trying to figure me out or know more about me?

What I'm Looking For

Some one who can just fit the puzzel im made out of. Some one who kind of gets me. Some one who can be them selves around me and enjoy spending time with me.

Im stright so im looking for a woman. Im not here to play games or just have casual encounters. I dont do the whole friends with benefits deal. I really would just like to have a relationship. Some one who is ready to have a relationship. Im a shy person so yeah think you should know that too. But thats ok, i have a big heart so it makes up for being shy. But it would be just nice to find some one thats close to me also. Im not fake, im genuine. Theres no front im putting on, i like to be honest about things and would like others to be honest to me. I really dont see the benefits in lies, they just make things worse and there enough in life to worry about without extra wieght added to your troubles. But guess i rambled on enough so have a good one. be waiting for a message soon. = )


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