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Very slow and linear time traveler ISO same
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  Age: 41   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Englewood Ohio United States
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42 things about me:

1. I'm a secular humanist who is trying to get a large group together to go spend time volunteering their time to charities.

2. I don't believe that our goodwill towards each other has to carry religious influence.

3. I love people, humans, and sometimes wonder if I really am one.

4. I have loads of ambition

5. I rarely know what to do with said ambition

6. I love BBC America

7. Liars are the worst people out there. Wait, Nazis are the worst, then liars...1.Nazis 2.liars.

8. Rickey Gervais is a genius (not specifically about me...but hey, it's a long list)

9. I met Ron Jeremy and had him sign my Boondock Saints Poster and Screenplay.

10. I was presented with a presidential award at 12 By Bush I and his wife.

11. 9 and 10 are in order of pride of the accomplishment.

12. I try not to be a grammar Nazi.

13. I avoid people who insert numbers to replace letters while typing...exception for Se7en and Numb3rs

14. I can speak Swahili

15. Some advice; If you are over say, 30 and most conversations revolve around current pop culture, ie Jersey Shore, anything from TMZ etc. Stop it. It's getting sad.

16. A lot of my friends are those creepy Twilight Moms you see on the news but are clueless to the fact.

17. I find it hard to believe one omniscient creator gave us the same hole to both eat and breathe.

18. At the most, it's shoddy sub-contractor work to pocket the money of the extra piping.

19. It's anyway and favorite, not anyways and favourite

20. Stephen Fry, Graham Norton, and Eddie Izzard are all underappreciated in America.

21. I tend to half ass things

What I'm Looking For

My car keys, have you seen them? I just had them in my hand a second ago. Hmmm, I came in, put away the mangoes and made some tea. Let me know if you see them, ok?

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