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hey just looking to meet new people and have fun
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served in the Virginia House of Burgesses beginning in 1769 as a representative from Albemarle County, in 1774, the British Parliament passed the Intolerable Acts, which punished Bostonians for the Boston Tea Party, colonists all over America were outraged by the acts and Jefferson wrote a set of resolutions condemning the acts, these resolutions were expanded into Jefferson's first published work called "A Summary View of the Rights of British America," the document was intended as instructions for Virginia's delegation to the Continental Congress,

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You will need to fill this in before Island Records commissioned New York choir director, Dennis Bell, to record a gospel version of the song, and Island intended to release it after U2's single. However, Island boss Chris Blackwell vetoed the plan saying that a second single would look like a money grab. Bell subsequently formed his own label and found a distributor for the song.[17] While in Glasgow in late July 1987 during The Joshua Tree Tour, Rob Partridge of Island Records played the demo that Bell and his choir, The New Voices of Freedom, had made.[18] In late September, U2 rehearsed with Bell's choir in Greater Calvary Baptist Church in Harlem for a performance together in a few days at U2's Madison Square Garden concert. The Edge's guitar was the only instrument that U2 brought to the church although Mullen borrowed a conga drum. The rehearsal was done with the church's audio system and footage was used in the Rattle and Hum motion picture. Several performances were made with a piano player; however, the version used in the film includes only Bono, The Edge, Mullen, and the choir. Audio from the Madison Square Garden performance appears on the accompanying album.[19]
A live performance of the song appears in the concert films PopMart: Live from Mexico City, Vertigo 05: Live from Milan, Live from Paris and the most recent U2 360° at the Rose Bowl. The versions on the Mexico City and Milan concert films comprise of just Bono's voice and The Edge's guitar until after the first chorus where the drum and bass parts kick in. Digital live versions were released through iTunes on the Love: Live from the Point Depot and U2.COMmunication albums.you can start messaging other members


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