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  Age: 27   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Mchenry Illinois United States
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About Me

Me, oh more about me. Does anyone get annoyed by filling these things out? I sure do, but im going to ya know, cause i want someone to message me! I am tall , with blue eyes. I love the outdoors, and i love to camp, and hike and do anything of that sort. I am a nerd, i love Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Gate, Harry Potter, any of that. I am really close to my brothers and sisters, but not that close to my parents. I am in college right now, looking to be a teacher sometime soon. Im really big on music, lady gaga is my fav, but im sorry that does not make me uber gay, it just makes me gay, lol. My Fashion senese is not like other gay guys, no always up to date, but i like what i wear.
What im looking for in a guy? Im looking for someone with no drama, or little of it. Someone who doesnt only want sex, someone who will actually talk to me when i need them, someone who wants to know everything about me, someone who likes to take walks, someone who would be good with cuddling, and not always having sex. I am looking for one of those quiet senestive guys, who is really cute, or Slightly Masuline guys, who wants to fight for you. I want a guy who wants to get to know what i like, and a guy that will let me in to what he likes.
Oh, one more thing. I really like to write, and yes my spelling may be horrbile, but i might as well show you what your getting into, right :) So here are some random facts you should know about me. I love the Color Purple, i love MOnkeys, i love the woods, the ocean, and long car drives. I love to eat, asian food being my fav. I can still be a little kid sometimes, i like to watch cartoons sometimes with my little brothers. I write fan fiction about stuff, like Star Trek, and Charmed.
So i think i said enough about me, if you want to know anything else, your just going to have to ask. I am in College, Currently in My second year, going for an education degree. I am looking for a job, yes i know, and fully understand, that being 21 and not having a job is very sad, but im looking, and in the meantime i go to school, to get a degree, and get that job that i want, and will love for the rest of my life. I think its really inportant to be happy, and love what your doing. I am one of those people who can find humor, even in the darkest of things, and i seriously have made people feel so good, they forget about there problems, even if only for a second. I am really good at giving hugs, and talking to my friends about there problems, and offering a helping hand where i can.
A few things that i like, but not all include
House Of night, Twilight, Alice in Wonderland (Classic)

Movies- Harry Potter (Number 4 (Yes, not a typo the 5th movie is good, but not as good as the book) Above all others, but all GREAT

Shows- Star Trek Voyager, hands down. While i enjoy mostly anything trek, this does for sure stand out as my fav. Glee. <3

Music- I dont think i have enough time to tell you lol. But i do really like Lady GAGA, and a LOT of other things.

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What I'm Looking For

Sadly this box is a little shorter.. lol. I really want a realtionship, someone to call mine. Really, someone forever. I know its really hard, but im not giving up

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