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Hellooooo out there!
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  Age: 61   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: Oregon United States
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  Yes - not living with me
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  Very Long
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About Me

I'm a nice person who is interested in Hospice, dancing, art, food, and other people. I love learning stuff about others. I'm planning to join a square dancing group soon and will be going back to school soon. At 48, I got my Associate of Arts degree and want to go back for a Bachelor's and then a Masters to fill a need in my community for counselors for older folks. I love animals, although prefer not to keep dirty ones, like goats. Yes, they are cute, but ewww! The mess!

I love the beach (doesn't everyone?), mountains, and lakes. I love talking about everything and anything with folks who are open to new ideas, but I love when they have their own opinions and stick with them, too. I've recently come to realize that I'm almost always happy. I've been through times when my life was he**, but always make the best of things cause I don't want to live my life being depressed. I've had depressed times, sure, but they are few and far between. For the most part, I'm pretty resilient. Having said that, I put up with very little crap from others these days. I feel I've paid my dues and now it's time to have fun and be treated well. In return, I believe in treating others with respect and consideration. I've learned you HAVE to let folks be who they are.

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for an intelligent, verbal guy who loves other people, different cultures, new ideas, etc. I would hope that you had lived life a bit and don't feel that you are the same man you were when you were 21, 25, 32... We should all learn from our life experiences and learning changes us. You should be fairly proud of who you are and how you've gotten to where you are. A working stiff is great. I believe in work. I want someone who wants to spend some time with me and some time on his own. Being too clingy is not good for two people. I'm monogamous and expect the same. I don't have a temper, but there are certain things that will bring out the angry person, cheating is one of those things. If you are married or separated, we are not compatible. Life is good. If you feel that way too, I'd love to talk to you and see why you think that. Humor is a definite plus. Laughing eyes are the most beautiful kind!

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