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Nerdy Christian guy
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The Basics
  Age: 40   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Tulsa Oklahoma United States
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  None but want some soon
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  Very Short
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About Me

My goals in life right now are to finish my Master's degree, get a writing or editing job, finish a novel I'm working on, buy a house, meet the woman of my dreams, get married, start a family...

While I am a fairly typical guy in some ways, I'm also the type of person who always sympathizes with others and goes out of my way to help out my friends.

When it comes to my faith, I love God with all my heart and am always seeking ways to know Him more, but I believe that there is always more to Truth than what mankind ever finds.

I rather like doing romantic things. I'm the kind of guy who will hold the door open for you, who will rub your back when you're tired or stressed, who will always try to find thoughtful gifts (although that's a challenge for any man), and so on, and I *like* being that guy.

I really don't have any hobbies per se. I prefer to spend my money and time doing things with others rather than alone. When I'm by myself, I'll play video games or read books, but generally I'd rather not be. I tend toward more classically "intellectual" interests - reading, art, theatre, etc. - and I like studying the stars in the sky rather than the ones on tv. Still, as long as it doesn't involve guns or Nascar, I'm usually up for anything. I do like rock climbing, snow skiing, hiking, and swimming, but don't get to do any of those nearly enough.

I also harbor a love for cooking, and among the other recipes in my repertoire, I make the best hamburger you'll ever taste....

What I'm Looking For

An intelligent Christian woman who considers helping others to be paramount to helping herself. She is hoping to settle down, get married, have kids, etc. at some point in the near future (even if she's only *here* to see where the Internet dating thing takes her). She thinks marriage means a partnership of equals.

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