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I'm a Good Catch. I want the same.
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  Age: 33   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Chico California United States
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About Me

Hah! Summarize myself in a little box you say? Bollocks! Can't be done.

I am a graduate student in Anthropology. I love creativity. I love to play guitar, sing, write music, write novels, short stories or poetry. I make arrowheads out of obsidian or basalt.

I travel a lot. My favorite place I have traveled is Mongolia. I love to cook. I love learning. I love hiking.

I am also passionate about standing up for the those who people discriminate against. If you have a problem with gay people for instance, don't waste an email to me.

I try my best to live my life as authentically as I can. No one can know the true meaning of life, but a good working theory for me is to love those who are around to be loved. an start messaging other members
I am a graduate Student at Chico State working on my masters degree in anthropology.

I do a lot of traveling. in the last three years I have studied monkeys in the rain forests of Costa Rica, went to China, lived with nomads in Mongolia, and surveyed for Maya ruins in the jungle.

I have to say the Mongolian Nomads are some of the most awesome people I have ever met in my life. They are tough as nails and laugh often. Its really depressing because they are losing their land very quickly. Many of them are now slaves to loans they can't pay back, and the government comes and takes their herds away from them.

My creative writing changes a lot based on what project I am working on but my general style is to try to be pithy and conversational yet not sacrifice musicality. I spend a lot of time thinking about the pacing and arch of a story. A common thread in my work is isolation and dislocation. My principle characters often have some kind of attribute that makes them feel alienated from society. For example they may be pacifists, murderers, physically unattractive, perilously too physically attractive, mentally ill, philosophically paralyzed, suborn beyond reason, or too easily manipulated. They are peripheral people. I like to write about people whose identities are torn between racial, cultural, religious, philosophical and political boundaries. I am interested in the spaces between worlds and the people who inhabit those places.

As for music, It is like medicine for the soul. I need it. I write it like a prescription.

What I'm Looking For

I don't want to sound narcasistic but I want a woman who is as good a catch as I am. I am a good looking guy. I take care of myself and I stay fit. I am educated and I apply myself.

I love people who are quick to laugh. I love creative people.


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