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"If you knew my story word for word...."
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The Basics
  Age: 27   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: Washington United States
The Details
  Clean Cut, Trendy, Average
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Body Type:
  A few extra pounds, Voluptuous
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  Shoulder Length
About Me

I have moved all my life, and so now I enjoy traveling and trying new things. I am a multi-cultural, multi-faceted person who is intriguing. I want to be seen for my personality, not for how I fill out clothes. I am very competitive and very outgoing. I come from a rather large family. Determined in life. I am an absolute chatter box. :) I do not have one "type" but will say that you should be someone who can challenge me and keep up no matter the instance. If you can categorize yourself into one "clique" then you won't be right for my personality.

"You are who you pretend to be; so careful who you pretend to be."

I listen to ALL genres of music. Not cliche response. I really do.
I watch all types of movies. Once again, not a cliche response, really do like watching all types of movies.

I absolutely love reading. I am constantly buying and reading books. Never will there be a time in my life that I will not be an avid reader.

*I'm the kind of girl who does care about being physically active, but will not hesitate to eat a greasy bacon cheeseburger with a large chocolate milkshake.*

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What I'm Looking For

I don't have a "type" ; never have and never will. If you spend too much time cutting things out then you don't get to spend that time laughing. The key to catching and holding my attention, is to make me smile or laugh. :) If you don't have the courage to get my attention, then you aren't someone who will get along with my personality as much. Always looking for something new. :)

There is no way to predict an "ideal first date." What makes a date ideal is whether I go home and can't stop smiling after wards. Going on a date is a blank canvas; so it is up to the night, and to the date to determine whether it's a Jean Baptiste, or a Picasso.


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