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Hey. Stop here, I am awesome!
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  Age: 28   Gender: Male   Race: Islander   Location: San Diego California United States
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About Me

Hi I am Kamali, I am young enough to be all pissed off, but old enough to be jaded...I am what you get when you cross, Bruce Wayne, Hunter Rose, V from V for Vendetta, Amory Blaine, and a Jamaican born American Nerd, with a side of Crazy... 'Eh. Halo's a cool guy, he kills aliens and doesn't afraid of anything....' In short, I am the coolest eccentric, one date wonder, reclusive artistically inclined, weirdo. I am the only one of my kind, sorry I don't come with an instruction manual. I am a sentimental fool, and a hopeless romantic, I like to hold hands, spoon, and daydream. I am always thinking about things...whatever those things are. There is almost always a song in my head, outrageous socks on my feet, and my camera around my neck. My minds racing, from chasing pirates, most the time... I dont do crowds, and I am a child of dreams... I love to create things, help people, and smile. I am a firm believer in originality and to be honest, 'I can’t stand “real” men. Masculinity is trash. Go cry in a corner, write in a diary, hug your mom. Please. I’ve felt the painful consequences of this posturing for too long; seen fragile men who never should have been told to be anything else in the first place crack under the weight of our flawed expectations. Let our boys paint. Let them wear skinny jeans, and read Ellison, However soft spoken or uncoordinated, leave them be.' I believe Its better to be yourself.
What I'm Looking For

Someone who loves art and is awesome!
Like men who are artistic.
Like people who say exactly what they mean.
Like people who are honest.
Like people who are driven.
Like people that keep their word.
Like people who are outspoken.
Like people that don't waste time.
Like Romance.
Like Chivalry.
Accept that I dont like mainstream sports.

Do not Message me if
You are indecisive.
Think too highly of yourself.
You are dishonest.
You Lie alot.
You don't like to be direct.
You don't like to talk.
You are a Flake.
You are an attention seeker.
You intentionally are deceitful.
You are a man eater...
You don't Like Romance.

I am over having my time wasted, so, do us both a favor, and stay as far away from me as possible if you do not have any noble intentions or you think that it is ok to just waste peoples time... Obviously this is a catch 22, because no one will really admit that they waste peoples time, and dont really say what they mean...However if you know you do these things lets not languish unwarranted time on something that one of us knows wont go anywhere..


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