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Loves to laugh.
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  Age: 25   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Georgia United States
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  Slim, Average
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About Me

Well my dad's in the military (Coast Guard more specifically), so we moved around a lot. I like to travel even though I told myself that, if given the choice, I would stay in one place.
I'm pretty sarcastic. I like to have fun and, although I can be serious, I like to go with the flow instead of killing myself slowly with the stress. I sing in the shower, I like things clean and I'm a sucker for a good book. I like to think that I'm pretty honest, but then again don't we all. I do know that I'm fiercely loyal though and am willing to do anything on a dare.
When I think about the future, I think about traveling. My dream is to travel the Italian countryside sampling wine, pizza and pasta. I can't picture staying in one place, so I'd like someone that liked to travel as well.
According to Plato, humans originally had four arms, four legs, and two faces, but Zeus, threatened by their power, split them up, leaving them incomplete, forever searching for their other half. It's totally cheesy and unfounded, but it's a nice idea. I'm a hopeless romantic so I buy into the idea of finding your other half; of someone who's not perfect but perfect for you.
My ideal date would be going to a Vancouver Canucks game or something fun and low maintenance like that. I like to be spontaneous and am usually up for anything.

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What I'm Looking For

Someone that's funny and can take a joke. I know there's a time to be serious and a time to kid around, but life's too short and laughter is, in my experience, the best medicine for any malady.

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