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I am understanding, compassionate and intellectual
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  Age: 26   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Long Beach California United States
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About Me

Hi! My name is Nick.

me = part nerd, part outdoorsy athlete, part hippy, part metalhead, part straightedge vegan, part grunge, part responsible student, part lover, part fighter (only when it comes to politics), part punk, part radical, part subtle, part bold, part intellectual, part down-to-earth, part idealist, part romantic, part realist, part poet, part artist, part dork, part aspiring musician, part civil libertarian, part introvert/shy, part outgoing. part type A but it's not hard for me to just chill. It's hard to pin me down. Don't try to change me though I'm open to my mind being changed.

Activities: Running, jogging, hiking, biking, swimming, reading, writing, drawing, singing, watching TV, watching movies, playing video games, playing the guitar (although I need to get a guitar and need lessons), listening to music, and dancing sometimes.
Interests: a wide range of scientific interests, music, visual arts, environmentalism, the welfare of both animals and humans, humanitarianism, equal rights/civil rights, philosophy, and religion.

I am a pantheist/pandeist but I agree with atheists on most issues because I oppose the idea of a traditional theistic god. I am basically vegan for environmental and ethical reasons except I cave in sometimes. I am quite tolerant and accepting and I don't have any preference toward ethnicity, creed, or background. Not to brag but just to give you an idea, I am honest, kind, understanding, passionate and compassionate, a good listener, loyal, a hard worker (but I need quality breaks now and then), creative, and intellectual. I am E/INFJ (yes. If you know what I'm talking about, that means I am borderline extravert/introvert as well as the rest (NFJ)).

I may sometimes not be very communicative because I often don't know what exactly to talk about or I am too critical about myself and am worried I will sound foolish or the subject may be something I don't feel comfortable talking about. Bottom line in that regard: I'm working on being more communicative because it is very important to be open and communicative in any close relationship and I am slowly succeeding as of late. It takes me a while to warm up to people but once you are my friend I can talk a lot, especially about something I am really passionate about or interested in or I have dealt with in the past. I am not perfect and nobody is.

I am understanding, compassionate, and intellectual

I am a student (President's Scholar) at CSULB right now. I am a second year and I want to get a degree in Environmental Science and Policy, B.S. and a minor in biology. I am often in class, studying, doing homework, doing stuff for clubs at CSULB, just hanging out with friends, or hanging out with my parents. I also have a job at a ticket office. I am starting to learn how to play guitar. I am trying to watch the anime "Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood", play Halo Reach, watching a movie, reading the book "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee", listening to one of my large catalog of Pandora stations, doing something outdoorsy, or in the gym when I have the time too.

Here are my talents: Writing, drawing, singing, running, and double-jointedness. I am also a proficient speaker of Spanish

Books: Action/Adventure, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Comedy, Non-fiction (science, history, etc.), Horror, and Romance in that order. Movies: Comedy, Science Fiction, Action/Adventure, Documentary, Drama, Horror, and Romance in that order.
Music: Rock and Roll, Reggae, Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz, Easy Listening and Relaxing music, Techno/Electronica, Latin, and Classical, but not Hip-Hop, Rap, and Country as much.
My favorite food is pizza but I like almost anything that is vegan. I also really like dark chocolate and blue cheese or gorgonzola cheese (I hope there are vegan substitutes out there somewhere :/). I know, weird, huh? Lol!

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What I'm Looking For

Right off the bat: if you are not vegetarian or vegan that is a dealbreaker and if you are religious it is probably a dealbreaker (clarifier: Spirituality is ok but I don't like ignorant and completely illogical people and hypocrites and proselytizers.).

I am looking for someone who is sweet, understanding, honest, and whom I can easily talk to. I prefer these qualities in women but, like I said, I am accepting: beauty, intelligence, being funny/a good sense of humor, athleticism (preferable but not necessary), proximity in age (preferable but not necessary), a love for/of music, a love for/of reading and/or writing, veganism, an interest in philosophy and/or religion, an interest in science, an interest in art, non-materialistic, spontaneity, care/compassion, kindness, innocence/childlike, has "diamonds on the inside" so to speak, understanding, honesty, trustworthiness, loyalty, generosity, and would love me for who I am. I am also looking for someone who is as strong and independent willed/minded as I am.

I believe you have to be friends first before you can be boyfriend/girlfriend or in love (but that doesn't mean dates are out of the question; just nothing beyond a good solid hug on the first one. lol).

I'm looking for:
•Girls who like guys
•Ages 18-21
•Near me
•Who are single
•For new friends, long-term dating, short-term dating

You should message me if:
a) you are vegan, vegetarian, or intending/trying to go vegan or vegetarian. (Sorry. I don't think it can really work if you are not because I find the meat and dairy industry disgusting and cruel.)
b) you are not particularly religious. Spirituality is ok but I don't like ignorant and completely illogical people and hypocrites and proselytizers.
c) you live in Long Beach or close to Long Beach and/or preferrably if you go to CSU, Long Beach.
d) you are interested in dating or potential true love. (yes. I still believe in true love, just not love at first sight. lol.)
e) you want to be friends and hang out first, and date, and then maybe something more.
f) you are willing to take time to get to know me and allow me time to get to know you because I definitely want to be cautious and not rush anything after the bulls*** I've had to put up with in the past. Once bitten (or multiple times in this case), twice shy. lol.
g) you think I sound (not to be arrogant. lol.) cool, interesting, awesome, funny, fun to hang around, or appealing in any way.


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