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Tried once, trying again!
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The Basics
  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: franklin Massachusetts United States
The Details
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  Occaisional smoker
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About Me

I work a lot in a steakhouse as a manager and love my job. I am career focused and sometimes that leaves me in the dark for looking at new relationsdips. I want someone who is honest and confident and who can relax and chill just as much as a nice date at a good martini bar or a good party. I rarely drink, if I do it's only one or 2 drinks. I am a honest guy who still believes in chivarly. I enjoy being the guy who will hold the door for you every time. And don't worry, not a creeper. Actually, this whole online dating thing is very,very new to me.

I tend to be sarcastic and sometimes should have a "filter" as to what comes out of my mouth. Friends would describe me as fun, outgoing, energetic, polite, and good sense of humor. I treat women with respect, can be a little thick-headed italian sometimes, but I do listen to reason. I swam thru college so I still have a swimmers build. I grew up in NJ but am nothing like those creatures on "Jersey Shore" which I've seen 2 episodes but they were both hilarious. By the way, I'm a dog person all the way haha. I have a great dog named vinnie who is probably the best mutt ever. He can be a lil 3 yr old lap dog but is one of the most friendly dogs I have ever seen.

What I'm looking for:
-I find confidence in a woman to be the sexiest attribute they can have.
-I'm not as interested in the physical parts of someone but am very interested in the personality aspects.
-I'm honest and expect the same.
-I have truly never cheated on someone, I don't mind if you have in the past, but I would expect a monogomous relationship.
-I am a believer in the concept that how someone enters your life, will probably be how they exit it; so please be single if you email me.
-I'm NOT looking for a 1-night stand, or a friends with benefits type thing. I am looking for someone to go on a couple of dates and see where it goes from there. I will never rush anything but I will give a relationship my all. I'm not looking to get married tommorow or next week but I feel that after a couple years of dating(don't worry, not talking about 10 years ha), I see that as a very real ending/future. I don't want to waste my time with something that isn't going to be long term. I also feel as if you don't truly know someone until you have known them for at least a year.

I hope that there is someone out there that is for real. I'm serious about having a great relationship with a great woman. Hope to talk to you soon and wish everyone luck in their search!

First Date
Never run out of conversation and funny and fun. Someone who can connect immedietly from the moment you meet, or shortly thereafter after the nerves die out because you just found out that the person your meeting is really the person in their pics haha.(btw, that is me in the pics, recently) I would never want to go to the movies on a first date, I want to meet someone. I love nice restaurants, especially the ones that have a lil bar area. I love fine wines, great foods, and great times.

So, considering all that, I would put a good first date to be grabbing appetizers and desserts at a nice, classy lil restaurant over a nice bottle of wine. Then as the night comes, get outta there and head down to a club/bar that plays great music that you can dance too, but also leaves it at a level that you can still talk to eachother. But if you have a better idea, I would really like to hear that!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!!

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What I'm Looking For

confident outgoing, fun, trustworthy person who i can really connect with.. I want to be able to have a nice conversation or watch a great movie and always have a great time!

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