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No games playing, no dice rolling.
The Basics
  Age: 39   Gender: Male   Race: Asian   Location: Canley Vale New South Wales Australia
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  Black, Brown
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About Me

Yep, I am not a prince in your dream. I'm more related to kind, cute, cuddly, respectful and responsible. I'm an average bloke from head to toe.

I am not so humorous. But I will try to make you giggle with some tickles.
I completed my degree in business, major in finance and accounting. Uni sucks. Career prospect after graduation becomes ever so bleaker. I went to a few interviews and got insulted by the interviewer for having a degree. Guys, the world out there is choke-full of small minded racists. I believe you are not otherwise.

Unfortunate for us who have to walk this path. After 999 of rejections, I am sick and tired of treading down this route. The funny thing was in the last attempt of my banking job application instead of sending a formal resume, I sent a page of vulgar language calling 'em b** and giving 'em my middle finger. Yup, I am revengeful and bitter ;). I waged war against them. Banking industry sucks. Therefore I call it quits.

I guess I must find a path far less travelled. My side job is now taking the centre stage. So here I become a forklift driver loading trucks and delivery vans. But I am happy or I learn to be happy.

I now more enjoy setting up an online store and sell miscellaneous of accessories, doing things to keep me occupied and not to bite my finger nails otherwise. Well this is more of a hobby since I love offering nice service to people.

I exercise here and there to keep them rolls of fat off the beer guts. Just kiddin', I only drink on special occasions. I have never ever puffed a cigarette and will never do.
I can cook, but only couple of recipes. I will be happy to be sitting down with you and tasting some delicious food.

What I'm Looking For

I am seeking a kind, generous, respectful heart, and a good listener, and a family oriented person who loves children.

I am seeking a partner that does not place emphasis on partying, travelling although they are good activities to some extent.

I am seeking a non-racist. non-narcissistic person.


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