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The City Could Be Ours By Nightfall
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  Age: 29   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Manitowoc Wisconsin United States
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About Me

How does one stumble upon love? My standards it seems are incredibly high, afterall i'm not looking to find someone I can just tolerate, i'm looking for the real thing. The kind of thing where when we meet we are both excited, and we can look at eachother and just know, or scratch that, believe. The world really doesn't know anything now of days, but believing in something is really true. I'm looking for a girl that isn't simpleminded, someone cunning. This person is openminded and accepting, someone who is almost understanding of me. Id like to find someone who believes that they understand the truths of relationships, the truths of finding their special someone. I'm not looking for a relationship to lead me onto the next one, I'm looking for love even though I don't know what love is, I believe in it, but I really honestly don't know what it is. The unfortunate thing is that i'm young, it's unfortunate in the sense that I find it hard to think that i'm going to find my special someone at this age and that they are going to be everything that is love. I simply want to fall in love, no longer try to make love a thing, just let it be just and true, something that simply is. I know she's out there somewhere, I don't know when i'll find her. Like I said, it simply has to be, and not knowing the future, I don't know when that will be. But I have hope :) I'd like to think that my special someone doesn't simply want to be waiting around either, soo if your'e out there, I can't wait to meet you and I can't wait for what the future has in store for us :)

I want to find that someone who i can share a romantic and passionate relationship with. I want to cuddle while looking up at the nightsky, gazing at the stars, mayb drinking hot cocoa, and we snuggle close and look in eachothers eyes with a serene smile on our face and laugh and have cute cuddly moments, and say sweet little things to eachother as we kiss gently. I want to go on adventures looking across lakes from a hill top, breathing in every moment of the view, and we hold eachother close and stare in amazement at the beautiful scenery and eachother as our bodies brush up against eachother for the perfect kiss, and the wind is blowing softly and i brush her hair to the side to see her beautiful face. I want to go on walks on a cold winter or fall night, holding my sweetie next to me to keep her warm, my arm wrapped around her, and we talk and laugh and maybe theres a light snowfall and we catch snowflakes on our tongues, and her head is pressed against my shoulder and she looks up at me with happy curious shy eyes, a soft look to her complexion. I want to go for long drives into the middle of nowhere playing with eachothers hands in the car, singing to music, glancing at eachother romantically, reminiscing about all the amazing times spent together. I want my heart to swell up and beat hard, and i want the flood of emotions when we kiss, i want to find that special someone i can beat the odds with, someone who makes me want to go as far as i can for them, someone i can share inspirational, positive, romantic heartwarming experiences with. i want to find that someone who will go as far for me as i would for them. i want to find all of this...my special someone...the love of my life...

Most recently ive been looking for someone to spend time with, get to know, and at the very least do fun things with, as friends or as a couple. due to a past relationship I want to take things slow, really know if the person im with is the one to be with. we all are waiting for that special someone afterall.

im the nice guy who treats women with respect and put them above all else. I love art, both visual and performing. I currently work as a spray gun operator making 11.60 hr . its a decent job, but gets a little hectic here and there lol. I love emotions, inspiration is my thing. I live for whats positive and my ultimate goal is to make as big an impact on others as they have for me

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What I'm Looking For

looking for the cute, not necessarilly shy, but nice girl, somebody who wont lead me on a string, but likes the attention and things i do out of my way for them. when i hav the time i play videogames and watch anime, but when im with someone my time ends up devoted to them. i just want to find that special someone who clicks with me, someone to share in depth conversations with and experiencing lifes moments that are worth living for

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