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I need you so much
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  Age: 32   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Texas United States
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  None but want some soon
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About Me

Well let's see,I am a very active person who loves having a good time.I love to laugh and am usually always smiling!! I love my friends.i'm the kind of person that when I meet people who are not really out going or maybe a bit shy,I always cheer them up and be the life and soul of the moment for them and don't have a lot of friends,I go out of my way to try to bring them out of their shell,to speak!! I would love to meet someone special,I'm focus on being involved in a serious relationship.I believe too many people strive much too hard to find that perfect someone and a lot of times he or she may be right there,but we're too busy trying to find them.I feel that if we just are ourselves and focus on making friends,that you will just wake up one day and the right person will be there.I totally enjoy life to the fullest;I love to plan trips and also just do crazy things at the spur of the moment.I believe life is too short to worry about how people take you or what people think.I love just being myself,and whatever happens as long as you are smiling or laughing about it,there are no regrets!! I do not regret anything in my past - whether it be bad or good,and I do not judge people because of their past.I believe we are who we are because of circumstances in our past and sometimes this can be a good thing.I love planning parties, but tend to go a little over-board trying to make it perfect.I love art,culture and history but am still learning and believe we are never too old to learn.
What I'm Looking For

I also enjoy watching a good movie,having a good conversation,having a nice dinner,going for a walk when the sun is setting.I mostly enjoy playing with my friends,enjoying the important things in life.I like nature and having a good time!I like going on vacation to tropical countries.I enjoy traveling to Cancun,Carri bean,etc.Actually,I enjoy traveling anywhere of interest.I would love to go to Asia one day.Finally,I love going to wild and crazy bars and coffee shops.

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