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Want the real deal this time!!
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The Basics
  Age: 43   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: North Little Rock Arkansas United States
The Details
  Clean Cut
  Yes - not living with me
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  Very Short
About Me

I have Cookie Monster boxers, but I wear a suit over them ;-)
I'm either dressed all up, or wearing something with a smartbutt saying on them
I still play video games, but I also read books on psychology and history
I don't watch much tv, unless it's on Discovery, History or Travel Channels
I spend a lot of time locked up in offices/meetings, but am just as at home in a metal shop fabricating something
I have no qualms about showing affection in tactful ways out in public
The thought of cooking for someone and spending a night in front of the fire is just as appealing to me as a five star restaurant
I like to visit museums and art shows, but will also throw up a tent in the backyard and roast marshmallows. :-)
I can either give you a back and foot-rub, or chase you around the house with a can of whip-cream
I love to experience new things, went to Belize and Honduras last year and decided I need to retire there. Even after going deep into the jungle past all the military checkpoints. :-)
I'm a transplanted Yankee (MI), but I was raised in the boonies up there and am adjusting rather well ;-)
Was raised by great-grandma and mom, so I'm a bit old school and will say ma'am a lot-but not ALL old school, just where it counts

I was born a smarta$$ and got my PhD in it by age 9. I absolutely love to laugh and have a good time, but I know when it's time to be serious (which doesn't have to be very often!!) I don't drink, but have no problem with people who do. I want a forever type of thing this time. Ready for someone that wants to walk with me through this life. Not behind or in front of me, but next to me. I'm an Aries and year of the horse in Chinese astrology, so I may run your mind ragged sometimes-but it's always in a fun way. I can be a handful to keep up with...full of energy in both mind, body and-well, you know. Just trying to be patient with it all and looking for someone who wants to actually understand all of me. I want that person I'm gonna be complaining about with a smile when I'm 80. I'm a great listener, but this time looking for someone who will listen to me as well. :-) Selfish I know!!!haha. So, if you're looking for the real thing and getting it all right for once....well then, it's your turn. ;-)

**Update** Please don't be immature or a game player, I think we are all too old for that. I am not afraid of commitment and really tired of meeting people that say they want something to build on-and they just want a good time or to play around with you. :-)-& I just got a wild hair somewhere and decided it's time to go back to school, so that will be starting in summer semester-along with getting a real estate license. Chalk it up to the boundless energy I suppose and the thirst for eternal knowledge. haha

Favorite Quotes: "Accept the past, live for the present and hope for the future"-yours truly...I think...

What I'm Looking For

funny, smart, passionate, playful....I'm a little sarcastic by nature, gotta give and get it. :-) Someone that wants the real thing this time, not looking for just having fun....want fun and commitment. :-)

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