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its meee
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The Basics
  Age: 35   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: charlotte North Carolina United States
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  Casual, Clean Cut
  None but want some soon
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About Me

so here goes..i know im not the most attractive i get it.. so please keep comments to yourself

.... i believe i am a generous kind harted individual..very giving and i dont think money is everything at all... dinner?? cook out or something like that is great with me..movie?? dollar theater sometimes a good theater if something good is playing..
i am sensitive and dont really speak my mind a whole lot...im quiet and reserved always have been. im sorry if thats not what your looking for
if something goes wrong in a store i dont flip out..ive been thru it and know how it feels..i try to work with them to resolve it

i am very passionate i do love holding hands kissing..making out public affection and so on..

What I'm Looking For

i am good around people..so if your someone who is going to be ashamed to have me around friends or family dont bother..been there done that..
i dont drink or smoke..i have been eating healthy and drinking only water..people think im weird when we go out to eat and i get water..first i hate paying 2.50 for a soda and i havent had soda in many months..
yes i will tell you know i am a bit of a jealous person..i will tell you why.. when im committed to someone i am committed to the ONE person..if you invite me over to spend time with me or vise versa it should be focused on US..not cell phones texting the whole time of stuff like that...why would you want to be spending time with someone and that person has to sit there and watch you text or be on the phone?..i understand fully about having friends im all for it..friends are important but if thats what you want dont get into a relationship...if i wanted to sit with myself i would have stayed home by myself..
secrets involving cell phones tablets facebook wont work with me..sorry to burst your bubble.. i hate that sh*tthat someone your close to has to lock there phone or delete fb messages and texts..
i dont get ANGRY i get a little frustrated and i do zone out and bottle it up and try to brush it off..its just who i am.. i get quiet so if you think im ignoring you or mad at you!! im not.. im just bottling up feelings..
i am a hard worker ..i dont call out or job hop..
i love any kind of food that doesnt involve onions..YUCK lol

i think that wraps up about most of it..if you have anything to ask please do...
have a wonderful night
hope to talk to you soon


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