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A regular girl looking for a regular guy
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The Basics
  Age: 37   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Mount Orab Ohio United States
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  A few extra pounds
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  None but want some soon
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About Me

Simple. Traditional with a modern splash. Dedicated and determined.
I am absolutely determined to find real love any way that I can.
My favorite free time activities include reading just about anything available to read, watching movies, traveling, visiting with friends, going out to dinner, going to the park for a long walk and picnic.
My favorite color is butter yellow because it's cheerful, soft and soothing.
My favorite authors are Charlaine Harris, Laurell K Hamilton, Robyn Carr, Nora Roberts and Julie Garwood.
My favorite movies include several made for TV movies: West Wing, Commander In Chief, Gilmore Girls, MASH, Love's Long Journey ( a Hallmark movie series), Friends, Army Wives. My regular movies that are my absolute top 5 include: Fools Rush In, Oscar, The Bachelor, For Love of the Game, Serendipity and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers which is an old musical.
**** IMPORTANT****
Research is vital to success- in any relationship I firmly expect a decent amount of effort. If you haven't got any ideas on what might be fun or interesting to do on a date, for heaven's sake GO LOOK UP IDEAS. Libraries have lots of books on this subject and the internet has all kinds of ideas from around the world. There are a million restaurants, shows, and places to visit- make a list ! I don't enjoy bars or clubs. I don't drink or smoke and I don't wish to be around others who do. I don't mind going to dinner at a restaurant that has a bar. Loud music is not interesting or fun, so keep it mellow if possible. Going to a sports game holds zero appeal- I am not a sports fan or an athlete.
I love the idea of going to a mountain cabin for a weekend getaway during the winter. Someplace with a cozy appeal and a big fireplace. Hot chocolate and graham cracker smores for dinner. Or hot tea and a hot ham and cheese sandwich, or a hot dog roasted over the fire.
I love the idea of a beach weekend at a great hotel with private condos, which I have enjoyed before with my best friend when we went on vacation. Or even a simple, fun pillow fight after working all day!
Someday I'd love to be surprised with a weekend getaway to New York City just before Christmas for a weekend because there is just something magical about Christmastime in New York. But I truly would never spend Christmas away from family-ever. I'd love to experience a sophisticated, elegant dinner and then just the opposite- the greasiest burger dive with awesome cheeseburgers and milkshakes.
I'd love to be called out for a date that is at a strange time- simply because it adds interest. A picnic in the Post Office parking lot at 2 am sounds just lovely. Dancing to music playing from the car. Or milkshakes at Steak N Shake at 4am, or breakfast at midnight at Perkins- just anything a bit wacky. Please be creative. I love creativity and a unique personality. Have some fun and relax instead of following the rule book of dating- just throw the rulebook out the window. I think it would be fun to go to some sort of costume party around Halloween, or go pumpkin picking and on a hayride. Or strawberry picking in the spring, which I really enjoy and haven't done in years. I'd love to visit interesting museums and parks in all sorts of places. I have a serious interest in Revolutionary War and Civil War era parks and properties. Standing on a battlefield that once saw the action of war that helped settle my nation, it just gives me chills. It's a silent moment in time. To know you're able to stand there because of those who fell in the heat of battle with only their ideals and personal values to guide their actions.
I have been determined to change the course of my life this year- I have stepped outside my comfort zones, stretched myself to try new things and learn to develop new skills and abilities which I have successfully done this year, three times so far. I am still a work in progress-learning to be different is not easy or fun- but it is worthwhile. I have new confidence and insight into different types of lifestyles that are completely opposite of who and what I have always been. It is possible to change yourself to be better, faster and more in tuned to the world around you.

What I'm Looking For

I want and need someone who is a bookworm, an introspective, quiet, reserved, modest, kind fellow. Masculinity doesn't mean being boorish and it doesn't mean being a neanderthal. I want and need someone that realizes that personal values matter and understands that using manners really does matter. Just be exactly who you are,flaws and all, because I am not going to be anything but myself-what you see is what you get.
Ideally, the best match for me is politically moderate- I am more of a moderate to liberal Democrat while the rest of my family are conservative Republicans. I firmly believe that every vote counts and my vote matters to the future of my country, and I want someone who feels the same way. I am Pro-Choice. I can understand and accept Pro-Life arguments because the sanctity of life is universal. I have serious reservations about gun control-I believe gun ownership is a privilege, not a right. If the privilege is abused then the right should be taken away, perhaps not permanently, but until the gun owner can provide proof of carry training and responsibility, unless the gun owner abuses the privilege again, then more severe consequences should result in loss of the right to carry or own a gun. I hate mining and nuclear waste storage.
I want and need a man who wants to be an equal teammate with me. Working together is absolutely vital to the success of any relationship or commitment. Being in a committed relationship means making a conscious choice to live a settled lifestyle rather than an individual lifestyle. I want and need someone who is actively seeking to settle down and have a future. I need someone who has committed themselves to higher education and successfully completed at least an Associate's degree, but preferably a Bachelor's degree or higher and has completed at least two years of work history with professional references.


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