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Lets be real!
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The Basics
  Age: 30   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Saint Paul Park Minnesota United States
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About Me

~The things that make me~
I have always been a hopeless romantic. This doesn't mean I am going to throw away myself for a woman but it means she will always know she is loved. I tend to be fast if I have a real connection; I honestly cannot help it. Don't worry though I am real and I have no interest in causing issues. I may say I love you but that doesn't mean I am going to smoother you. I just mean I can admit myself to you. Do what you like but despite the hype I never give it without valid reason. Any man can lie to you ladies I refuse.
I am very open and honest! An example would be if you asked me if I turned you on and would I like sex with you; I would say yes. Not to sound gross its human nature. Another example would be if you asked me if I was interested in some odd food which sounded gross and than said you wanted me to try it I would ask you to show me it and well see. XD
I am friends with many people and I am chill with them. I try and be as honest as possible without being mean. Lets say we got into a debate and you hurt me... rather than dropping the F-word like 6 times and I would say; "you know I really don't like the way _____ has been making me feel." and that is how I would express myself. If you left me and hurt me before you left me chances are I would just ignore you. If I got badly hurt I will tell you I am gone I wouldn't pretend to feel good.
I am the kind of guy who loves to see others smile and honestly when I like someone I get the greatest pleasure out of that

~The Pros I have~
I am devoted lover and friend to my partner. (This means rather than dating other woman and lying to my current partner about things like my sex drive or anything that I guess the men today exaggerate I would be real about. Believe it or not I am not always horny so I wouldn't expect you to be :) As a friend I try and help others in need. I have been known to help in ways of finding resources for someone who needs them or just being a good listener.)
I refuse to lie. (If someone asks me a question I will tell the full truth from how I saw it. It may not always feel like I am telling the truth there are times in life that's just normal. Kind of like you never believe you could die not wearing a seat belt as a kid but then later your friend dies in a car crash.) "A bit extremist example XD"
I know myself and I know my limits. (I would never tell you I want to do something or talk about something if I didn't realize I needed to. There will be times when I step away. At those times I may just go sit somewhere quiet.)
I am a hard worker! (I am willing to work at things realistically no matter how much effort it takes.)
First ever girl well she said she cam 7 x's (That shocked me XD mainly cause I was a virgin XD and I had scratch marks on my back bad XD)

~The Drawbacks Or Cons~
I do not drive. (Yet)
I will not tolerate lying at the beginning of the relationship! (I refuse to make a friendship on lies. If your expecting me to not double check your words through your actions in the first 6 months think again. I am no fool ;) I am not trying to give myself a curse sorry ;) )

What I'm Looking For

I am looking for a girl with a bit of everything. The flavor makes life interesting.

~=Sex Drive=~
To be up front I would like her to be comfortable when she has a sexual desire. I would also like a recent STD check if she wants to date me in the long run it protects us both. I get checked after any and all intimate relationships. I know at some point all people have sexual needs. I am being real with mine I her need to not like say one minute lets fool around and the next minute say; I am not ready. I need a girl who is real with herself. I am not looking for a woman who sleeps with random people though XD I also don't want a girl who wants to waste all day everyday having sex I mean I have better things to do with my life XD no offense sex is cool it just isn't my main focus. Be up front also need gonna attempt to read you mind.

~=Hobbies and likes=~
Mainly I need her to be okay with me being a pc technician and understand that I spend a lot of time with electronics. I can of course switch that up a bit. I also think it would be sweet to date a gamer woman :D

~=Future Aspirations=~
I need to want a family someday. I need her to want to stay with me instead of leaving me when I age XD


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