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Faithful One Woman Man- -Come Get Me
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The Basics
  Age: 68   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Texas United States
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About Me

Faithful - Honest - Fun = Me. Man Of Rock Steady Loving Values, Seeks Woman Who Stands For The Same Values Hi, my name is Michael. You are still here after reading my headline. That means your values are the same. Good, so lets get started. It is going to be a long story. "Why", you may say? You and I are searching for someone to spend the rest of our lives with. I mean forever. So let us take a few minutes and use them wisely. I need a woman who I respect and adore, holding hands through life. If that is you, you will be my best friend, lover, smile giver, wife if you desire, and be able to enjoy all life is about to give us. You will see me giving back to you, the same precious actions. You will be able to look into my eyes and see that I love you, as I look into your eyes and know you love me. Yes, it will take a while to trust, and to build our love, but you know if we work at it, it will come true. Please look at my photos. I took great care in making sure they are good quality, so you can enlarge them on your computer. You do know how I hope? Don't want any surprises on looks, body type when we meet. The photos are little snippets of my life. You can see father time sneak up on me! Daughter, mom,dad,landscaping, nature (green froggy stuck to my window), and last but not least, my good friend, Squeak the landscaping family member (Shhh, she thinks she is a dog)! All shown here to help break the ice, to help you know I'm a down to earth guy. As you can see, I'm no pretty boy, no bar scene, no drama. My profile is me. My headline is me. We have spent a lot of time here today, with me letting you see who I am. Now, your turn. Please take a good while to look at my profile. After all, those details could mean a forever love story for you and me. Not to mention (but I will) the fact that I'm a one finger typist, so this took a while for my future sweetheart. Please consider, that if you are younger, and your age cut off is, say.....59, I am in good shape.Squeak and I walk 3 miles a day. I also lift weights to stay fit. Squeak refuses to lift! So give me a little slack on your age range, if you can. You know, there is just not enough room in those tiny profile boxes to express my true emotion. I like to do all those things, but you can do most of them with any friend. What I would truly like to do most often, is cook you and me supper, talk, snuggle (got to have that snuggling) on the sofa, and watch a movie with popcorn (no, not a movie starring popcorn)! I am a very amateur wordsmith. I like to make up words, puns, double entendres, use old sayings, I like words. As you can see by my words here today, I'm fairly literate (OK I heard that remark)! You won't see me skydiving, fourwheelin', or go shootin' someone's eye out on the 4th of July with a bottle rocket. Oh, and you will never be a sports widow. I only watch the Cowboys. I think I can be fun! You be the judge. Come on over! Meet Squeak and me. I'm just a down to earth guy, looking for my forever love.
After reading up on my profile, and you look at my photo again, and you think I could be your forever love story, let me know. Play like it's Sadie Hawkins Day, I'll love it! Thanks, Michael

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What I'm Looking For

Need a faithful woman to share the rest of our lives together. She likes to hold hands, cuddle, watch movies, more when we talk.

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