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Friendship on fire
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  Age: 65   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: williston Florida United States
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  Yes - not living with me
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About Me

I am a country girl.Raised on a dairy farm , riding horses all my life and continue to work with them. The city is great to visit for theater ,museums,all the cosmopolitan things that require population, but when I come home I want peace ,quiet,secure country where my pets and I have privacy. Friends are a short drive or phone call away. While well acclimated to the south I am a born Yankee. I dress up when I need to otherwise am casual. Common sense reigns and to that end I got a motorcycle to save on fuel. Little did I know I would actually like it. Fair weather (even some not so fair ) will see me on my bike,either to commute or shop.You might be amazed what you can get on a bike. I hate to list everything I do like for fear of forgetting something. It is enough to say my tastes are eclectic. I am open to new things so don't be affraid to ask. While my music taste is primarily country I would be open to listening to most .so ask me .I will tell you what I think or feel about most anything.
What I'm Looking For

In a perfect world we would all find the perfect partner to travel through life with. NOT so easy to find. While ever hopeful I would like to find a great friend that could also set my world on fire. That would include trust of all kinds. Patience ,kindness,someone you enjoy being with from concerts to tilling dung into a garden.Okay , that sounds alittle extreme, but you get my point.Ah yes and respect ,always respect even for the differences. So I like baseball and you like football.Watch it, you'll surface eventually.We aren't siamese twins, that would be boring.

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