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looking for Partner to travel through time with.
Online: 2547 days ago   Updated: 2558 days ago   Joined: 2559 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 38   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: lewisville Texas United States
The Details
  Smoker, Occaisional smoker
  Yes - not living with me
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About Me

I'm 31 years old, I work at a food chain on the grills thats what pays the bills. I know who I am Do yoiu? I love Music especialy heavy, fast angry music, (but can chill to Johnny cash, New Kids On the Block and Garth Brooks) I have three loves when it comes to my music Old skool Thrash Metal, Hardcore/Punk, and I.C.P., I'm down with the clown, I love Knowledge, Books, Jesus our lord and saviour, my skateboard, book stores, record stores, sunny days, Converse and old skool Vans shoes, I collect tattooes I have a pretty good collection of tattooes i payed free ninety free for. my life consists of working, sleeping, eating (hoping to change that) I am single because the majority of the girls/woman I have met either like drugs too much or being with three or four dudes at once (not my cologne) I am selfish with my body, and like to lcome home to one person, I don't dig one night stands, they are pointless to me I learned that a long time ago that sex is a gift from god that is meant for two people to join themselves at the hip to become one spirit (the true meaning of a marriage) not some piece of paper and a rock that costed some poor dude to break his piggy bank he had since third grade. I love Ninja turtles by the way. I can cheer you up when you are down, I'm constantly cracking jokes, I love to see people smile, I don't like guns, and I'm not a thug or gangster, I don't follow trends to well, I am one of the few left who will put my jacket on you even if i freeze to death, I open doors and let you sit down first, I like the stars (don't ever stop looking up) I love Jesus but I have an open mind and believe in some radical things (I believe in life other than our own solar system) prove to me it doesn't! I believe there is alot of concentrated Evil on our planet but I am not one of those melevolent beings, I would give all my possesions including my last shirt or ketchup packet to someone who needs it more than me.
that is my summary.

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What I'm Looking For

something Real and not a bunch of lies and fantasies, I want something steady., I don't want to just date a couple of times sleep with you then move on, I see people that live like that and they are miserable beings, God put a woman at Mans side to be with him through the thorns, Man doesn't work well alone.woman are a very special gift and people fail to realize that your woman is your queen and you do things together as a team, a like minded individual of the above mentioned would be a sunny little blessing. in a nut shell I am looking for a little ball of sunshine to walk these crooked roads on our planet with. thanks for reading.

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